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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY


Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 5, 2020.

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    RS Breakout is a fully automated Expert Advisor, which uses Resistance and
    Support Breakout System

    It opens trades by using trendlines breakout system on big trend direction and stays
    with trend. Resistance and Support levels are calculated on every new M15 bar.

    It works so good at big trendy times, and other times it always covers bad positions automatically.

    If you like to use Breakout and Trend systems with small drawdown, RS Breakout is a great
    choice for you.

    Live Performance ---> You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

    Key characteristics

    • It can work with all instruments as Major and Minor Currency Pairs, Gold, Bitcoin, DOW, DAX...
    • Tested on Currencies, CFDs, Bitcoin, Metals --- Testing Period: 1999-2019 (20 years) with real tick datas
      including slippages, commissions and spreads
    • Stable and consistent performance with small drawdown

    • Symbol: Major & Minor Currency Pairs, CFDs, Metals, Futures, Bitcoin
    • TimeFrame: M15
    • Broker: All brokers are fine. (Prefered: ECN/STP Brokers, low spread & low commision)
    • Minimum Deposit: 1000 $
    • Leverage: All leverages are fine
    General Concept

    • Trendlines (Resistance & Support) are drawn automatically by using M15 chart data.
    • If the price crosses resistance, it opens buy order with initial lot on new M15 bar. If the price crosses support, it opens sell order.
    • Initial lot is calculated by using reserved margin level(Percentage of Free Margin), leverage,, max and min initial lot.
    • Initial lot and increment lot are same. (For example: If initial lot is 0.01, then lots are going like 0.01, 0.02, 0.03, 0.04...)
    • If you don't want to take so risk, please use protection feature as stoploss. You can select maximum loss as amount or percentage of
    My other products are here -----> You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login


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    (Overbought & Oversold Crossing System) >>>>
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    London Box (Trend System in London Market Time)
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    Input Parameters

    • Reserved Margin: It shows Percentage of Free Margin which is used for this EA and this instrument. This value must be between
      1-100. (Default: 50)
    • Max Initial Lot: If you want to use fixed initial lot, you may write it here. (Default: 6.99)
    • Min Initial Lot: If you want to trade more risky, you can increase this value. (Default: 0.01)
    • Protection Type: If Total Loss of this EA is greater than the amount or the percentage of account balance, EA closes all
    • Max Loss - Amount in Account Currency: If Protection Type is Max_Loss_Amont, this value is used for calculation
      for maximum loss value.
    • Max Loss - Percentage of Balance (1-100): If Protection Type is Max_Loss_Percentage_Of_Balance, this value is
      used for calculation for maximum loss value. It must be between 1 to 100.
    • After Max Loss: After max loss defined by protection, go on trading or stop trading.
    • Permission Direction: Open Only Buy / Only Sell / All (Default: All)
    • Max Order on One Direction: (Default: 20)
    • Max Slippage (Points): Maximum deviation from quoted price (its just for instant execution type brokers)
    • Magic Number: Magic number for this expert's orders
    • Comment: You may add a comment to your trades
    • Alert - Push Notification: Set "On" to receive mobile notifications
    • Alert - Pop-Up: Set "On" to receive pop-up notifications
    • Alert - Play Sound: Set "On" to receive an audible notification
    • Alert - Sound File: Choose your favorite alert sound
    • Panel Show: Show panel or not
    • Panel Corner: You may change panel corner. Default: CORNER_LEFT_LOWER
    • Panel X Offset: (Default: 10)
    • Panel Y Offset: (Default: 20)
    • Panel Font Type: (Default: Arial)
    • Panel Font Size: (Default: 8)
    • Panel Frame Color: When trades are opened, panel frame changes to this color. (Default: Red)
    • Show Trendlines: It can draw trendlines between M1 and H1 timeframes (Default: true)
    • Resistance Color: Upper Trendline's Color (Default: Red)
    • Support Color: Lower Trendline's Color (Default: Red)
    • Trendlines Style & Width: (Default: STYLE SOLID & 2)
    • Shift End of The Chart: On/Off

    rs-breakout-screen-6984.png rs-breakout-screen-2259.png rs-breakout-screen-6100.png rs-breakout-screen-6052.png rs-breakout-screen-8903.png


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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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