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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY


Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 9, 2020.

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    This Expert Advisor uses the position management method utilized in You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

    Operation logic is a follows: the indicator calculates the speed of the moving average price and waits for a change in the direction of the speed. If the value of the speed is greater than MAShift parameter, a market order is opened in the new direction (a Buy order for positive values of speed, a Sell order for negative values). If price moves more than CorrectShift pips against an opened order, when a new signal is triggered, the system will adjust the volume of the new order and the TP of the existing ones, so all orders of the same type will close simultaneously and hopefully in profit. Instead of working with individual orders, we will manage one Buy and one Sell position. Buy and sell positions are managed separately.

    The strategy relies on two basic ideas:

    • After a speed reversal, the price will move in the new direction.
    • Strategy will wait for corrections and retracements, and will try to close the corresponding buy or sell position in profit.
    This strategy has a risk of significant equity drops, so a simple protection system is used: EquityLimit parameter sets a minimal equity level, so the Expert Advisor will close all opened orders and will stop trading if equity falls below this value. SecProfLevel parameter will increase EquityLimit in a given percent of monthly profits. This behavior is activated by UseEquityStop parameter.

    Other features of RJCHulk:
    • the EA operates only at a new bar. This allows a very fast optimization even in visual mode (recommended). Results obtained with open prices model will be replicated in every tick model.
    • the strategy is not FIFO compliant, please do not use it with USA brokers.
    • the EA operates following trend, so most of the time floating PL will be small.
    • the EA automatically adjusts to 4 or 5 digits and ECN brokers.
    Being powerful and versatile, this strategy is dangerous and if poor managed can cause big losses. Before trading, you must understand and have experience in risk and exposure management. Also, the strategy requires patience and, may be, a paradigm shift when trading. Here we let losses run, until they can be corrected and sometimes this can lead to significant equity drops.

    • EAComment
    • Magic - Magic Number
    • MAPeriod - SMA smoothing period
    • MAShift
    • BothDir - if true, signal will be generated when speed is over MAShift in both directions, if false when speed is over MAShift in the new direction
    • MAPrice - price applied in SMA
    • TPFactor - ADR correction factor => TP = ADR(MAPeriod)*TPFactor
    • MaximalTP - maximum allowed TP
    • CorrectShift
    • UseEquityStop
    • EquityLimit
    • LimitRatio - maximum allowed value of EquityLimit in percent of the account balance
    • SecProfLevel
    • Lots
    • UseMM - if true, order volume is incremented by Lots every time account profit is increased by CapitalStep
    • CapitalStep
    • MaxSpread
    • OperateOnBar - the EA will trade following signals from the indicated bar (0=>current, 1=>previous, etc).
    Trading Results
    The EA operates trading signals: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

    rjchulk-v12-screen-8718.png rjchulk-v12-screen-4798.png rjchulk-v12-screen-5887.png rjchulk-v12-screen-6683.png rjchulk-v12-screen-1373.png


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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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