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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by Emma McNeill, Oct 3, 2020.

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Emma McNeill
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    This Expert Advisor trades on Reversal or Breakout which identify by Min High Low on M1.
    It uses three trailing stop and take profit to adjust volatility market.
    Recommended Pair is EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY and EURJPY.
    Use 5 Digits Broker with low spread plus commission as high as 20 points.

    Allowed Broker with fixed spread as low as 30 pips (change HL_Range more than 400 pips)
    Input Parameters
    • Name = Name for this Expert Advisor
    • Magic = Magic Number for this Expert Advisor
    • HL_Range = Minimal High Low on M1 time frame (Recommended is above than 300)
    • STOP_Distance = Distance between open order and running price
    • Max_Spread = Maximum spread allowed
    • Auto_Lots = If this TRUE, Lots used is automatically calculated from Account Balance and Risk_Percent. If this Parameter is FALSE, Manual_Lots is used
    • Risk_Percent = Risk Percent from Account Balance
    • Manual_Lots = Lots used while Auto_Lots set false
    • Take_Profit = Take Profit
    • Trailing_Stop_Loss = Stop Loss and than Trailing Stop Loss
    • Start_Trailing_Lock_Profit = Trailing Lock Profit start (after profit reach pips)
    • Trailing_Lock_Profit = Value of Trailing Lock Profit
    • Start_Trailing_Lock_Profit_2 = Second Trailing Lock Profit Start (active after Start_Trailing_Lock_Profit active). Start_Trailing_Lock_Profit_2 must be greater than Start_Trailing_Lock_Profit. If Start_Trailing_Lock_Profit_2 less than Start_Trailing_Lock_Profit, it will be disabled
    • Trailing_Lock_Profit_2 = Value of Second Trailing Lock Profit. If Start_Trailing_Lock_Profit_2 less than Start_Trailing_Lock_Profit, Trailing_Lock_Profit_2 is disabled
    • Use_Filter = If TRUE, EA will disable for 1 minutes after Max_Loss_Minute_Pip reach
    • Max_Loss_Minute_Pips = Maximal Loss for 1 minute

    reversal-or-breakout-screen-3159.png reversal-or-breakout-screen-6730.png reversal-or-breakout-screen-3317.png reversal-or-breakout-screen-1503.png reversal-or-breakout-screen-8732.png


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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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