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Discussion in 'Trading Robots Expert Advisors MetaTrader 4' started by James Goldman, Oct 13, 2020.

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    Expert Project Infinity Mt4


    The Infinity Expert Advisor is a scalper. When the resistance and support levels are broken, trades are opened in the direction of the price movement.

    Open positions are managed by several algorithms based on the current market situation (fixed stop loss and take profit, trailing stop, holding positions in case of trend indication, etc.).

    Requirements for the broker
    • The EA is sensitive to spread, slippages and execution quality. It is strongly recommended not to use the EA for currencies with spread above 15-20 pips (5 digits quotes).
    • To ensure better results please use ECN accounts.
    • The Expert Adviser works only on 5-digit quotes (minimum price step for EURUSD is 0.00001).
    Recommendations on usage
    • Recommended timeframe: M30.
    • Currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD.
    Description of the input parameters
    • Switch Scalper - enable/disable the scalper.
    • Lot size - trade with a fixed lot (if Auto lot = false).
    • Auto lot – enable/disable the automatic calculation of the lot size in proportion to the balance (based on Lot size per $1000 of the deposit).
    • Take profit - target take profit.
    • Stop loss - target stop loss.
    • Virtual Stop Loss - close the order when the price moves the specified number of pips away (the stop loss is not sent to the broker server).
    • Trail by breakeven - activate trailing stop only when the position breakeven is reached (if set to True).
    • Trailing distance - short - short trailing distance (in pips), used in basic cases.
    • Trailing distance - long - long trailing distance (in pips), used in cases when signs of trend movement are present.
    • Order Magic - unique number of an order.
    • Order Comment - order comment.
    • Maximum spread - maximum allowed spread in pips (5 digits).
    • Maximum slippage - maximum allowed slippage.
    • Trading time filter - enable/disable the time limit for the EA operation.
    • Stop trading from hour - hour to stop trading.
    • Start trading from hour - hour to start trading.
    Analyzing of work on a real account
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    Important notice
    Infinity is a scalper Expert Advisor and is sensitive to transaction execution speed, spread, slippage size, VPS speed and etc. Hence, the live trading results may not correspond to tester results.

    For the Infinity to work correctly, ensure the following conditions:
    • Broker with high execution speed, low slippage and spread.
    • ECN account.
    • VPS, located in the same region as your broker's data centers. Make sure the terminal's ping is not greater than 10-15 ms.
    • FIX API connection is recommended.

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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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