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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY


Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by Emma McNeill, Oct 8, 2020.

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    • The strategy is based on a precise mathematical calculation. It is possible to use the principles of martingale and grid trading.
    • The algorithm for smart opening trades has been implemented in the EA. It allows to trade with minimal drawdowns.
    • The EA is easy to configure. The EA uses Global Variables.
    • Suitable for trading on most pairs. On any time frame.
    The EA operation principle
    • At each new price the EA performs complex mathematical computations. When the probability of a successful trade is high, the EA opens an order. If the price moves in the same direction and probability of success increases, the EA ma open another order. It stops opening orders as soon as the probability of success decreases.
    • Trades are closed by the Stop Loss and Take Profit lines. It is possible to use TrailingStop.
    Preparing the Expert Advisor to work
    • Determine the direction for trading. Change the Buy and Sell input parameters accordingly. By default, both buying and selling are allowed: Buy=true and Sell=true.
    • Set the volume of market orders (the Lot parameter).
    • Set the maximum number of open orders (the Max_Orders parameter).
    • If necessary, it is possibly to trade using only the predefined volume, to do that set Fix_Lot=true. Volume of all opened orders will be equal to the value of the Lot parameter.
    • There is an option to enable the maximum spread filter. Set Spread=true. This way, trading will be performed only when the current spread value does not exceed the Spread_Max value.
    • It is recommended to enable trailing of the StopLoss level. To do that, set Trailing=true. Now, the StopLoss level of orders will be trailed from the market price at the distance of the TrailingStop parameter in chart points.
    • Set values for the StopLoss and TakeProfit parameters in chart points.
    • Before using on a live account, test the EA using history data.
    • If possible, use VPS or hosting server with minimal network latency to the broker's server.
    • For best results, use the leverage from 1:100 to 1:500.
    • Due to the use of Global variables, it is not recommended to perform trading and testing of the EA at the same time.
    Input parameters
    • StopLoss - stop loss level in chart points. Recommended value is StopLoss = 0.01.
    • TakeProfit - take profit level in chart points. Recommended value is TakeProfit = 0.01.
    • Fix_Lot - enable/disable trading with a fixed lot. Recommended value is Fix_Lot = false.
    • Lot - the volume of market orders. Recommended value is Lot = 0.01.
    • Max_Orders - the maximum allowed number of open market orders. Recommended value is Max_Orders = 20.
    • Spread - enable/disable limitation on the maximum spread. Recommended value is Spread = false.
    • Spread_Max - maximum spread of market orders. Recommended value is Spread_Max = 0.005.
    • Buy - enable/disable buy orders. Recommended value is Buy = true.
    • Sell - enable/disable sell orders. Recommended value is Sell = true.
    • Trailing - enable/disable Trailing Stop. Recommended value is Trailing = true.
    • TrailingStop - the distance to trail the stop loss relative to the market price. Recommended value is TrailingStop = 0.001.
    Settings values do not depend on the number of quotes' decimal places. Example: TakeProfit = 0.001 is equal to 10 points at four-digit quotes or 100 points at five-digit ones.

    If you have any questions you can always contact me. Below are a couple of screenshots of backtests from the beginning of 2010 for the EURUSD pair.

    Best regards, Dmitriy.

    polaris-screen-7237.png polaris-screen-3778.png


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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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