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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Oct 1, 2020.

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    The Expert Advisor places pending orders by the points of the Parabolic Sar. The placement of orders depends on whether there is a divergence or a convergence on the Awesome Oscillator and RSI indicators, and also on the values of other indicators: MA, Stochastic, ATR. It can be configured to open only the BuyStop or only the SellStop orders, if necessary. By default, both buy and sell pending orders are placed. It is possible to set the time, when order placement is allowed. The Stop Loss and Take Profit levels can be adjusted. Once the maximum Stop Loss level is exceeded, the EA moves the Stop Loss by the Parabolic points. The orders can also be automatically moved to breakeven when a certain amount of points is reached.

    Expert Advisor Input Parameters:
    • Lots - lot size;
    • Slippage - slippage (maximum allowed price deviation in points);
    • Magic - unique Identifier (it must be different for each instance of the EA in the terminal);
    • Take Profit - order closing price when the profitability level is reached;
    • Maximum Stop Loss - order closing price when the loss level is reached (when the Parabolic points relative to the order opening become less than this value, the Stop Loss is decreased by the points);
    • Parabolic Step - step of the Parabolic indicator;
    • stop to breakeven after - when the price goes into the profit direction, then after reaching this amount of points, the Stop Loss is automatically moved to breakeven (if it is not necessary to place it to breakeven, set this value greater than or equal to Take Profit);
    • hour start - hour to start placing orders (For example, it is possible to make the orders start opening only from 9am, if this is set to 9);
    • hour stop place orders - hour to stop placing pending orders (however, the already opened orders and the pending orders are not closed and continue moving according to the Parabolic indicator);
    • Buystop enabled - buy pending order placement mode (true - enabled, false - disabled);
    • Sellstop enabled - sell pending order placement mode (true - enabled, false - disabled);
    • Timeframe RSI divergence (minutes) - time frame on which the divergence and convergence will be checked on the RSI indicator (set in minutes: for example, if H1 is needed, set to 60);
    • Period RSI for divergence - RSI period;
    • Count bars for divergence RSI - the number of bars in history for checking the divergences and convergences on the RSI indicator;
    • Timeframe divergence AO (minutes) - time frame for checking the divergences and convergences on the Awesome Oscillator indicator (set in minutes);
    • Count bars for divergence AO - the number of bars for checking the divergences and convergences on the Awesome Oscillator indicator;
    • Period ATR - the period of the ATR volatility indicator;
    • Max level ATR - the maximum level of the ATR indicator, pending orders will not be opened beyond this level;
    • Min level ATR - the minimum level of the ATR indicator, so that the orders are not placed at low volatility;
    • Timeframe MA (minutes) - time frame (in minutes) to check the values of the Moving Average indicator values and the price;
    • Period Moving Average - period of the Moving Average indicator;
    • Stochastic timeframe (minutes) - time frame (in minutes) of the Stochastic indicator;
    • Stochastic Period - period of the Stochastic indicator;
    • Stochastic Slowing - Stochastic slowing;
    • Stochastic Shift - Stochastic indicator shift (the value of this indicator is checked to be either rising or falling for this number of bars in history);
    • Stochastic levels - Stochastic levels. Orders are opened when the Stochastic is in the range from 0 to Stochastic levels, or from 100 to 100-Stochastic levels (if 20 is specified, the upper level will be 80).

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