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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY


Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by Emma McNeill, Oct 4, 2020.

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    The One Bot EA has been developed for grid system fans. The bot includes interesting algorithms for partial averaging of the grid, which allows to avoid critically high volume without losses or configured to receive the maximum with small volume. The bot is not intended for beginners, since it requires knowledge and similar system management experience, although its algorithm is intuitive.

    The EA operation is based on the M5 timeframe, the used indicators are configured for EURUSD, although the EA works well on other pairs with default settings. Signal indicators are also configured, although you can additionally set them up for different position management methods in order to provide the optimal frequency and accuracy of signals.

    The Expert Advisor features diverse functionality, it can be configured for various trading styles by switching and tuning appropriate indicators. In addition to the critical volume avoiding system, which helps to unload the deposit, the robot is able to show stable statistics even on stormy quotes. The robot can also scalp by money, when you specify a certain amount of money as the common take profit. The operational flexibility can be set up through the optimization of parameters.

    Expert Advisor parameters description follows. The settings are given for 4-digit quotes, with automatic recalculation for 5-digit values.

    • Settings - common trading settings.
    • Work when there is foreign orders - Yes/No
    • Working on Friday till 12GMT - Yes/No. The filter only affects opening of new orders. Previously opened orders are managed without limitations.
    • Magic - the EA's magic number.
    • Slippage - slippage value in points.
    • Initial lot - the basic lot value.
    • Step grid - step value in points.
    • Increment to step - the parameter increment to each new level of the grid in points.
    • Orders on the grid - the maximum allowable number of open orders in a grid.
    • Multiplier - lot multiplier. Each subsequent order lot will be calculated on the basis of a previous order volume, multiplied by the value of the parameter.
    • Indicators - Supervision - settings of supervision indicators.
    • Show the indicators in the tester - Yes/No
    • Enable averaging of the critical volume - Yes/No. The algorithm starts to search for a possibility to average an older order using a part of the last opened order. This reduces the total volume of open positions, providing a greater power reserve. The purpose of the function is to save a deposit.
    • Supervision - trade management method. The EA supports 3 management methods: common take-profit in terms of money in the deposit currency; closing positions based on the Bollinger Waves indicator; closing positions based on the CCI indicator.
    • Take Profit in money - take profit value in the deposit currency for one order.
    • Method of increasing profits - the method of calculation of the total amount of take profit values. 2 options are possible: addition - with each new order, one fifth is added to the base value; multiplication - the amount si calculated by multiplying the number of orders by the base value.
    • Limit of increasing profits - the maximum value of calculated take profit in the deposit currency.
    • Period BB for exit - Bollinger Waves indicator period.
    • BB level - the level of the indicator where a position should be closed.
    • Period CCI for exit - CCI indicator period.
    • CCI level - the level of the indicator where a position should be closed.
    • Signal indicators - settings of signal indicators.
    • filter "quant" - breakthrough of a high/low over the filter period.
    • period "quant" - filter period.
    • trim breakdown - shift of the breakthrough level.
    • Bollinger Bands - Billinger Waves indicator parameters.
    • Period
    • Deviation
    • Stochastic Oscillator - indicator parameters.
    • %K period
    • %D period
    • Slowing
    • Low level
    • High level
    • RSI - indicator parameters.
    • Period
    • Low level
    • High level
    A signal is generated when the values of all indicators are break threshold values.

    one-bot-screen-3180.png one-bot-screen-1105.png one-bot-screen-8621.jpg


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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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