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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 12, 2020.

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    The News Speed EA is designed for trading EURUSD M1 on news release. Change settings and try other currency pairs and time periods of testing. It uses five digit quotes.

    When a price starts moving fast, the EA enters the market following these movements by a signal of a built-in indicator. The best results have been obtained on important news release when the price was moving in one direction. We recommend trading when the European session starts and the American session ends. It is advisable to use the EA on release of important news in case of low volatility in intraday trading.

    The ReverseSignal function can reverse the strategy signal.

    There is a function returning a stop to its position after slippage (slippage example can be found in the last screenshot). In this case the function tries to return the stop at a position specified when the order has been placed.

    Number of trades in the Strategy Tester, on a demo-account and a real account are almost the same. The result depends on the spread size, slippage, Stop Loss level and speed of your broker execution.

    Available Settings:
    • MoneyManagement - uses a dynamic lot
    • MaximumRisk - fixed lot
    • OpenLong - places buy orders
    • OpenShort - places sell orders
    • MagicNumber - order identifier
    • StopLoss - set stop loss
    • TakeProfit - set profit
    • MaximumSpreadOpen - maximum possible spread to set an order
    • MaximumSpeadDelete - not triggered orders are deleted if the spread exceeds this value
    • OrderPrice - distance of order placement from the price
    • MaximumOrdersCount - maximum possible total number of simultaneously placed orders, (-1) -any
    • MaximumOrdersBuy - maximum number of simultaneously placed buy orders, (-1) -any
    • MaximumOrdersSell - maximum number of simultaneously placed sell orders, (-1) -any
    • Breakeven - breakeven function
    • LevelProfit - profit level in points
    • LevelWLoss - breakeven level in points
    • TrailingStop - trailing stop function
    • TSProfit - area of trailing, YES-trail only the profit, NO-trail from the loss
    • TStop - profit level in points
    • TStep - step level in points
    • TimeFrame - signal time period
    • DistanceMarket - distance from the market to activate the signal, the higher the value, the smaller number of trades, the bigger the profit is
    • SignalBar - bar to take a signal from, 0-current, 1-previous closed
    • MATrendFilter - enable trade filter by MovingAverage*
    • MATrendTimeFrame - MovingAverage time period
    • MATrendPeriod - MovingAverage period
    • MATrendShift - MovingAverage shift
    • MATrendMethod - MovingAverage method
    • ExpertTime - trading by time
    • TimeOpen - time to start trading
    • TimeClose - time to end trading
    • ReverseSignal - reverse the strategy signal
    • TradeOneBar - several trades on one bar
    • DoCloseBar - signal is checked on bar closing and after opening a new bar
    • Breakdown - signal is activated not waiting for closing the current bar
    • Sound - uses sound signals
    • PrintEnable - printing in the log
    • AllMessages - record all messages
    • DisplayTable - display data window on the chart
    • cl... - color settings
    • Sound.... - sound settings
    * The filter is based on MovingAverage: SMMA, buy if the Bid price is higher Hight, sell if the Ask price is lower Low.

    newsspeed-screen-6155.png newsspeed-screen-6516.png newsspeed-screen-2871.png newsspeed-screen-7352.png newsspeed-screen-3061.png

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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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