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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 7, 2020.

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    NewsCatcher Pro opens both pending and market orders based on data from calendars. You can choose from one of the 3 available
    calendars:,, or In live mode, the NewsCatcher Pro
    automatically downloads calendars, opens orders, trails and closes orders.

    NewsCatcher Pro can trade any event from the calendars with any symbol available in MetaTrader, including Gold, Oil and
    cross-rates. To change the default symbol, go to the Strategy View of the event you want to change it for.

    NewsCatcher Pro uses two strategies:

    • Strategy 1 (pending orders): the advisor opens two pending orders above and below the current price before data is
      released. Whichever direction the price moves after economic data is released, one of the pending orders triggers.
    • Strategy 2 (instant orders): after economic data is released, the advisor evaluates the actual value with the forecast
      or previous value and, if a difference value is reached, it opens a market order.
    The advisor stores strategy settings locally for all data. Economic data is released regularly: Jobless Claims
    are released every week, while

    Non Farm Payrolls are released every month. The advisor correctly applies the stored strategy settings to the data. Strategies
    can be combined. If the advisor opens a market order, a pending order in the same direction is deleted.

    You can store streamed data as "full" and "custom" calendars. Data from has two additional calendars: "conservative" and
    "popular". The conservative calendar includes data which is marked with a green flag on the You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login site. The popular
    calendar includes data voted by users on the You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login page. To vote for or against a piece of data, click green or red
    arrows that appear when you hover your mouse over the data.


    Color preset[/b] - there are 4 color schemes in this Pro version.

    Fontsize - choose a font size to fit the resolution of your screen.

    Comment length – length of comment. If the advisor cannot set comments, try to decrease this value.

    Draw all – draw events of the current week on the time scale of the chart. Activate this parameter to allow the advisor to draw
    events on all open charts.

    Global stoploss – use pips. Global value overwrites parameters with "g".

    Global takeprofit – use pips. Has no effect, if you activate the button "h4 tp" on the chart. Global value overwrites parameters
    with "g".

    Global trail – use pips. Global value overwrites parameters with "g".

    Global volume – either a fixed value (ex: 0.02) or a percentage from available equity (ex: 0.1%). Global value overwrites
    parameters with "g".

    Testing mode - use "Demo_Calendar" for testing purposes if you do not have calendar files. Results for this kind of test should be
    discarded because the advisor issues order commands randomly based on the demo calendar.

    Test release - enter the name of one news release (multiple news, separated by commas). Other news releases are skipped during the
    test. At the end of the test, the advisor will output additional information on all trades in the folder "Terminal > Common > Files >

    Update defaults - gets new default parameters upon the advisor start and at the start of the new day.

    Zero auto - number of minutes after opening a trade. When this time runs out, the advisor attempts to set the stop loss at the open price
    line. Set to 0 to disable it.

    Notes for buttons in the chart

    new trades
    - makes it possible to open new trades.

    dynamic - allows to dynamically search for target levels of Stoploss and Takeprofit by the nearest 4-hour bar extrema. An
    extremum may not be closer than the value of Stoploss or Takeprofit.

    check slip - disallows an instant order if at the release time the market makes a slip bigger than the value of Slip.

    rev. on slip - reverses an order if at the release time the market makes a slip bigger than the value of Slip
    (that is, a buy instead of sell and sell instead of buy).

    zero now - sets a stoploss at the open price line as soon as it is possible.

    sounds - activates sounds.

    Attention! Default strategy settings may be used for automatic news trading. However, the news market can be very volatile. To make your trading
    successful, you should follow the news context and tailor your strategies accordingly.

    newscatcher-pro-screen-1215.png newscatcher-pro-screen-6520.png newscatcher-pro-screen-5784.png newscatcher-pro-screen-9498.png newscatcher-pro-screen-5316.png


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