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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 30, 2020.

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    MyFractalTrader is a advanced EA that trades fractals / support and resistance breakouts.

    Its algorithm is to filter and find the most important levels and trade them with pending orders. Orders are always protected with a stoploss and the EA is FIFO compatible.

    It has a lot of smart and advanced functions like adaptive trailing, automatic chart price correction (some brokers have wrong price on chart), virtual stoploss , slow executions filter, adapt orders on slippage, slippage and execution times statistics and more.

    Default settings trades EURUSD H1 and requires ECN broker. It has been tested on various live broker accounts with positive results. We can help you with broker recommendations.


    • Test the EA with minimal risk before using it with default or high risk
    • ECN broker with low spread, small commission and high quality executions
    • VPS close to your broker for better fill prices and faster execution times
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    General settings

    • Order comments
    • Magicnumber - -1=autogenerate
    • Maximum avg spread allowed - 0=any
    • Chart price offset - correct the chart price. -1=disable, 0=auto, x=manual
    Trade settings

    • Trade direction - choose trade direction
      • buy
      • sell
      • both
    • Stealth orders - hide sl/tp from broker, you can also use this if your broker has min stop limitations
    • Adapt order on spread change - if avg spread change with this many points it will update order settings
    • Adapt order on slippage - adapt order settings to slippage on market entry
    • Stoploss - 0=disable
    • Takeprofit - 0=disable
    • Breakeven - put order to breakeven after this many points. 0=disable
    • Breakeven to - breakeven locks in this many points in profit. 0=disable
    Trail settings

    • Trailing start - start trailing after x points
    • Trailing distance - distance of trailing stop (0=disable)
    • Trailing step - trailing jumps this many points
    • Trailing motion length - length in ticks of the motion calculation. 0=disable
    • Trailing motion factor - rubber effect strength factor
    • Trailing delay action - makes a delay when its time to move the stop". 0=disable
    Order settings

    • Bars per side of fractal - how many bars should determine a valid fractal. Standard fractal contains five bars (middle bar plus two per side)
    • Search fractal from bar - start looking for fractals from this bar in history
    • Fractal price offset - shift fractal prices by points. positive value increases price, negative value decreases price
    • Maximum orders per side - maximum number of buystop and sellstop orders on chart. 0=no limit
    • Minimum order to order distance
    • Buystop distance - create order if price is this many points to upper valid fractal
    • Sellstop distance - create order if price is this many points to lower valid fractal
    • Buystop expire - delete buystop after this many minutes
    • Sellstop expire - delete sellstop after this many minutes
    Filter settings

    • Trend strength filter - 0=disable, 100=max
    • Round number minimum distance - do not place order if the order price is this many points near a round numbers. 0=disable
    • Close if negative slippage - closes market order if entry from pending to market results in a slippage greater than this many points. 0=disable
    • Pause on slow execution for minutes - if it makes two order operations in 2x greater than the average execution time it pauses EA for this many minutes. 0=disable
    • TickRsi period - Nr of ticks to calculate tick rsi. 0=disable
    • TickRsi close level - if tick rsi falls under this value it closes the order. example 20
    News filter

    • Broker to GMT offset hours - you can see the calculated GMT time in the "expert" tab after initializing expert
    • Filter events - The news filter is only enabled on high impact news that contains a string match in the event name. "Unemployment" will only filter if the event contains this string. If it does it will close all pending orders 10 minutes before event and re-open 20 minutes after. Leave empty to disable news filter
    Money management

    • Lots method - choose lots calculation method
      • fixed_lots
      • margin_mm
      • risk_mm
    • Lots value - lots size or percentage depending on what Lots_method you have chosen
    Time settings

    • Time type
      • local
      • broker
    • Daily start hour
    • Daily stop hour
    • Monday start hour
    • Friday close hour

    myfractaltrader-screen-4134.png myfractaltrader-screen-3966.png myfractaltrader-screen-1567.png myfractaltrader-screen-9966.png myfractaltrader-screen-6140.png


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