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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by Emma McNeill, Oct 5, 2020.

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    The Multi Currency ILAN automated trading system is based on short-term strategy of trading the fluctuations. All orders are closed by the total balance (Balance - input parameters). This strategy does not provide stop loss. To move the losing position into profit the EA uses the mechanism of adaptive averaging of the total position.

    The advantage of this strategy is that it allows to trade multiple pairs. The maximum number of pairs to use is not limited.

    Trading 10 pairs, for instance, allows to significantly smooth out the rapid fluctuations of the chart by multiple times. Now, there is no need to fear gaps.

    In addition, the Expert Advisor features order management. The number of orders on different charts tends to be the same.

    Orders on the chart are opened at the specified distance of level (input parameters). This distance is automatically adjusted by the EA.

    The EA trades only the buy orders.

    All you need to start trading is open multiple charts and attach the EA to each of them.

    Input Parameters
    • Lot - volume of the opened deals (recommended value is 0.01) ;
    • level - distance between orders (recommended value is 0.0005);
    • Balance - the total balance value, at which all positions are closed (recommended value is 100);
    • Graphics - the total number of pairs used in trading (recommended 10-15);
    Make sure to specify the total number of traded pairs in Graphics (in other words, the number of charts the EA is attached to).

    The error code (if any) is displayed in the top left corner of the chart. Below is the distance at which the orders are opened. It may differ from the specified. As it is automatically adjusted by the EA.

    As you understand, testing a multi-currency EA in the strategy tester is not possible, therefore the product has a monthly rent for reasonable price. And attached below is the screenshot of testing on single EURUSD pair.

    I am always in touch and available if any help is needed.




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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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