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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY


Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by Emma McNeill, Oct 3, 2020.

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    Automatic Trading System designed for trading on smaller timeframes (М1-М15). It makes a large number of trades, determines when the price fluctuations are perfect for trading, detects divergences using different indicators. Designed for EUR/USD, but can be optimized for other currency pairs. Unlike the simple version of MicroPowers, this EA also implements the Martingale principle (increases the lot if the previous trade was in loss), which can be adjusted so that it is not critical for the deposit. Simply, do not increase the risk (the Risk martingale parameter) and the number of consecutive losses (the Maximum amount of losses parameter) too much. It can work both on 5- digit and 4-digit accounts (for the 4-digits, the take profit and stop loss must be set 10 times less than on 5-digit accounts). The EA can also work both with fixed and floating spread.

    Input Parameters
    • Lots - lot size;
    • MaxSpread - the maximum spread, above which orders are not opened;
    • Magic - unique Identifier (needed if multiple instances of the EA are running in the terminal);
    • Max take profit - order closing price at a certain profit target;
    • Minimum take profit - minimum profitability price, after passing which an order can be closed by a reverse signal if 'Close only take profit' parameter is disabled;
    • Close only take profit - if true, an order is closed in profit when the price reaches 'Max take profit' level. If false, the price may close at the levels from 'Minimum take profit' to 'Max take profit';
    • Stop-loss - stop loss;
    • Period ADX - ADX period;
    • Max Level ADX - maximum ADX level, above which orders are not opened;
    • Min Level ADX - the minimum level of the ADX indicator;
    • TimeframeADX2 - timeframe of the second ADX indicator;
    • ADX2Period - period of the second ADX;
    • Amount bars divergences - number of bars to find divergences;
    • MACD fast period - period of the fast moving average of the MACD indicator;
    • MACD slow period and ADX relation - period of the slow MACD and dependence on the ADX indicator;
    • Divergences stiffness - "stiffness" coefficient of the divergences;
    • TimeframeMA - Moving Average indicator timeframe;
    • MA1 - MA1 period;
    • MA2 - MA2 period;
    • TimeframeWPR - Williams Percent Range indicator timeframe;
    • PeriodWPR - Williams Percent Range indicator period;
    • LevelsWPR - Williams Percent Range indicator levels;
    • EnvelopesUpPeriod - period of the upper line of the Envelopes indicator;
    • EnvelopesUpDeviation - deviation of the upper line of the Envelopes indicator;
    • EnvelopesLowPeriod - period of the lower line of the Envelopes indicator;
    • EnvelopesLowDeviation - deviation of the lower line of the Envelopes indicator;
    • Trading start hour - trading start hour;
    • Trading end hour - trading end hour;
    • MACD2 fast period - fast period of the MACD 2 indicator;
    • MACD2 slow period - slow period of the MACD 2 indicator;
    • LevelsMACD2 - levels of the MACD 2 indicator;
    • Maximum amount of losses - the maximum number of consecutive losses to limit the lot (preferably from 3 to 6);
    • Risk martigale (0-8) - risk when trading Martingale (the higher the risk, the larger the following lot to be opened after a loss. It is not recommended to set greater than 5);
    • Delay - delay between trades;
    • ShowInfo - show information.
    When using Martingale, the recommended deposit is 1000 or higher for the minimum lot of 0.01. Also, it is strongly not recommended to increase the trading risk above 5 and the number of consecutive losses above 6. If you do not like the principle of the Martingale, then set these parameters to 0, or use the You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

    It is advisable not to change the parameters during the EA operation, when it has already opened a trade, and after receiving a loss. Also, a stable 24/7 connection to the Internet is recommended. Use accounts with low spread when trading on the М1 timeframe. For stable and profitable trading it is recommended to optimize the parameters frequently. Make sure to test and optimize the parameters for your account before running the EA.

    micro-powers-pro-screen-1878.jpg micro-powers-pro-screen-9050.png micro-powers-pro-screen-3260.png micro-powers-pro-screen-9489.png micro-powers-pro-screen-2788.png

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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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