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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY


Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Oct 1, 2020.

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    Idea came from an old trader who has been trading for a long time since 2007 till current years, doing manual trading using the LSMA indicator. His experience had a positive result (small but continued).

    A brief of what the LSMA indicator is. It stands for Least Squares Moving Average and the indicator plots the endpoint of the linear regression line. By comparing the current value to the prior value a determination is made of a possible trend, i.e. the linear regression line is pointing up or down. Use the close of the current candle after it is finished and the next candle is forming as the end point. That avoids the problem of the candle changing the value of the indicator in real time.

    This EA is build to open only 1 order per day, and it has profit/loss action for next day lot size. That means if this day EA closed with negative result, it will double the lot size for next day trade, and so on the next days. If on next day the result of profit is still negative, the value of each day's multiplier, if EA closed with negative result, is 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x and the last is 32x and once the EA gets positive result at any lot size, the EA will open a default lot size order on next day.

    As the old trader has the experience of at least more than 10 years of manual trading, he never puts more that 32x lot size on his manual trade behaviour.

    As per manual trading of the old trader, he opened orders when the very first buy/sell signal came from LSMA indicator in the EUROPE market working hours, so this EA has a time filter to only open orders at europe market hours.

    A good management of first lot size depending on the First initial balance is needed for the EA, that means no profit no risk, safe first lot size is 0.01 per 1000 account balance (very safe setting parameter, low risk).

    Do not Run EA with other EAs or interfere with manual trade, leave the EA to work alone on your computer, VPS is recommended, and the best pair is EURAUD per old trader experience.

    This EA has complex LSMA hybrid code that has been converted from LSMA indicator to the EA code, this will make your backtest very slow but it is not a problem in forward test, if you have difficulties or not patient when you backtest this EA, just contact me, i will help you with my pleasure.

    EA parameter Description below:

    • Auto_Cut, auto cut loss function, set to true for activate, default is false and this parameter is correlated with Percent_Lost parameter.
    • Percent_Lost, default is 80% lost from your current balance, if your account lost 80% from current balance, EA will close order automatically and refresh.
    • First_Balance, your first initial account balance. The EA cannot work without it.
    • Start_Hour, time filter, EA will start with full function at specific start hour parameter, default is 10:00 in broker server time (GMT +2 broker server time / Europe market start hour).
    • End_Hour, time filter, EA will end working in full function at specific end hour parameter, default is 16:00 in broker server time (GMT+2 broker server time / Europe market end hour).
    • Magic_Number_Sell, Magic number of sell order.
    • Magic_Number_Buy, Magic number of buy order.
    • Order_Lot, First lot size of order buy/sell.
    • Main_TP, Order take profit in point, default is 500 points, that mean 50 pips in default.
    • Main_SL, Order stop loss in point, default is 500 points, that mean 50 pips in default.
    • max_Spread_Allowed, this is spread filter, default is 100 points, that mean 10 pips, if spread above 10 pips EA will not work until spread come back again below 10 pips.

    lsma-daily-trade-screen-3584.png lsma-daily-trade-screen-3352.png


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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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