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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 12, 2020.

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    1. What is it?
    Lazy Arbitrage MT4 is very easy to setup bot that works both as a Server and Client for the Arbitrage process! Arbitrage is a process where you set up expert advisers on 2 end - fast and slow to take advantage of small course differences.

    It is VERY easy to use, it requires no or almost no setup. Multiple extra activations for all your terminals!

    2. How does it work?
    Lazy Arbitrage Server should be set up to a fast broker - every instance on any pair, without modifying any settings. Lazy Arbitrage Client should be set up on a slow broker and open positions when there is a desired difference in bid/ask on the server/client side. Average position holding time is 1-2 seconds on forex market.

    3. What should You know?
    Arbitrage trading is a controversial way of trading and may not be accepted by some brokers. Some brokers may change conditions, deactivate your account or cancel profits. Some may also generate some first false-good results on demo, so test it for at least 7 days before launching it on live account. Knowing that, use it at your own responsibility.

    4. PDF Instruction
    You can download detailed PDF Instruction with screenshots from the product's Comment Tab.

    • Side of connection - selection between either "Server Mode" or "Client Mode".
    • Interface Type - graphical interface. Change between faster (comment) and slower (graphics) interface.
    • 1.1 Base lot size - size of lot without money management. If you set up too small lot, the smallest allowed lot will be opened instead.
    • 1.2 Money Management ON/OFF - Enable / Disable function.
    • 1.3 Money Management Value - Value of base balance for MM function.
      EXAMPLE: If MM is ON, this is set up to 1000, while equity is 10000, base lot will be increased by x10.
    • 1.4 Emergency SL EA Stop (percentage) - if EA is occurring losses you may protect your equity with this option.
      EXAMPLE: If starting with $1000 and option is set to 33.0 then dropping to $770 will cause robot to activate STOP LOSS. This stop-loss may be only reactivated by restart.
    • 1.5 Solid SL in PIPS (0 for OFF) - solid stop loss – change to ZERO while trying out new pairs with greater numbers – like USDSEK is 8.xxxx. This is solid stop loss for each transaction.
    • 2.1 Required difference to start trading - required opportunity size (difference between server and client including spreads on both sides).
    • 2.2 Slippage allowed in PIPS - if slippage is greater than set position should not open.
      WARNING: Some brokers may block your account if this value is too low! On many brokers this option will not work at all.
    • 2.3 Time to re-check opportunity - time in ms to re-check if difference still occurs (against lags). Smaller values for forex market, greater for stock market.
    • 3.1 Manual Pair Override - if for some reason client does have other pair names than server.
      EXAMPLE: If Server pair is named EURUSD, and client is EURUSD.m, then you don't need to modify this option. Only first 6 letters of the symbol are checked.
    • 3.2 Magic Number - modify this option if you want to use multiple separate connections on one pair. Each "tunnel" should have its own magic number.
    • 3.3 Display information about trading - you may enable being alerted with information about each opened transaction or open attempt.

    lazy-arbitrage-mt4-screen-5707.png lazy-arbitrage-mt4-screen-4595.png lazy-arbitrage-mt4-screen-4583.png lazy-arbitrage-mt4-screen-1435.png lazy-arbitrage-mt4-screen-2479.png


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