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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 2, 2020.

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    Ai2 Arbitrage Latency use for strategy "Latency Arbitrage". This EA very user-friendly and easy to use
    with the risk management module to protect your port, hight speed algorithms to gain the opportunity to make a profit and intelligent
    trailing stop-loss.

    Note# We are not provide a name of brokers but please read full idea and setup at You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login have
    some advice.

    Demo version You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

    EA Highlight[/b]

    - Advance algorithm coding boost up the EA work fast possible make more profit.

    - Advance smart Ai coding function to check the movement between Fast and Slow MT4. EA will open trades when it has the correct
    - Friendly price and Less setting. Only fill in the important parameters.

    - Smart trailing stop to reduce the loss of each order and turn to maximize profit on positive order.
    - Easy setting
    parameters. Suitable for both new study users and professional users.

    - Risk management prevents the loss when Brokers use the plugin to you or other unexpected events.

    Setting Parameters

    [WorkingComment] = Comment will show in Slow MT4 on each order follows by different prices between fast and slow
    broker detect. Follow with Different gap detect.

    [Broker Type] = Select broker type on chart to be the Fast or Slow Broker.

    [Suffix] = Fill Slow or Fast Broker has a suffix symbol in this field to correct mapping character ex. "EUSUSD#", fill "#".

    === Slow Broker Setting ===

    [OpenDiff] = The Different gap price value in the "point" unit to detect between Slow and Fast Broker for starts open the

    [LotSize] = Enter the lot size for each order relate to your risk management.

    [Stoploss] = Fill the stop lost relate to your risk management.

    [Magic Number] = if you run many EA on Slow MT4, Fill the different magic numbers for this EA to
    avoid unexpected operation from other EA.

    [FastAsk-Color]=Set the color of fast broker ask line in chart for comparing and detect diff.

    [FastBid-Color]=Set the color of fast broker bid line in chart for comparing and detect diff.

    === Money Management ===

    [EquityLimitFactor] = Factor for multiply to account equity value 0.01-1.00 to make EA stop trade on chart when
    equity below this value. [EquityLimit] x Account Equity = Stop Tade Equity, ex. 0.75 x 1,000 = 750 means when the equity
    lost reach to 750$ the EA will stop tade on this chart

    [SpreadLimit]= Fill the maximum spread for not open trades if the spread reach this value.

    How to Setup[/b]


    1.Go to menu Tools>Options>Expert Advisor>Click "Allow DLL Imports"

    2. Set Fast Broker by drag the EA to chart and set only 2 parameters below.

    - Select Broker Type = "Fast"

    - If slow has a suffix ex. "EURUSD#" should fill # in this field.

    3.Setup Slow Broker by drag the EA to chart and set the parameter below.

    - If fast has a suffix, fill the suffix the same as fast broker for mapping, ex. "GBPUSD$" should fill "$" in this field.

    - Select Broker type to "Slow"

    - Fill gap different value point in [OpenDiff] to detecting the arbitrage for open the order

    - Fill Lot Size

    - Fill Stop Lost value in point

    - Fill Magic Number if you want

    - Fill Equity Factor for multiply to starter equity (value 0.01 - 1.00) that will stop EA when unprofitable happen
    - Fill Spread Limit in point

    4. On Slow Trade Panel, check the line "Fast Connection" show "OK" with green color means the EA corrected setting.

    5. in Slow trade panel, wait for 1-minute when the text in the "Result" line
    turns from red to green color with text "ABT is running, Automate Shift OK" that's ready!

    Suggestion [/b]

    1. Aware stop the risk by fill in [EquityLimit] & [SpreadLimit].

    2. Stop lost will trailing by Smart Algorithm to reduce the risk and will trail to a positive
    position when your order has a profit.

    3. The Equity Limit function will only check starter equity of Slow's broker every 1 minute. If your port has a profit that makes
    equity change, you must refresh the EA again by close and open the MT4 terminal.

    4. Test the EA on the Demo MT4 first before real port to understand how EA works.

    5. For the idea, comparison you can visible the Slow Bid-Ask lines will follow the Fast lines that will possibly try to trade in
    small real money to estimate the result again.

    6. EA testing based on the Currency Pair. Please test for sure again when you will use the EA to trade other
    instruments like CFD, Indicies etc.

    latency-arbitrage-by-ai2fx-screen-2032.jpg latency-arbitrage-by-ai2fx-screen-3407.jpg latency-arbitrage-by-ai2fx-screen-9756.jpg latency-arbitrage-by-ai2fx-screen-4485.jpg


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