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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 4, 2020.

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    KonokaSystem.NEO is one of the 3 sisters (NEO・JOY・FUN) that inherits the DNA of KonokaSystem and has a new personality, and is the original EA.
    The difference with Konoka System is the difference between risk avoidance by statistics (old) and risk avoidance by technical (new).
    In addition, the 3 sisters are equipped with 2 types of entries and 2 types of exits, each with different logic.
    The trading style is a day trade targeting from 00:00 to 13:00 Japan time.
    No grid or martingale logic is used.
    The currency pair is USDJPY and you enter with the opening price of M5.
    The logic inside EA repeats profit and loss, swallows the loss and grows.
    KonokaSystem.NEO doesn't care about the winning percentage.

    Both TP and SL are 100Pips and are a little big. (To avoid loss due to large short sale)
    The technical exit operates in daily life, but in an emergency, stop loss (SL) is activated.
    The loss is large, but the most dangerous thing is that loss (SL) occurs continuously.
    KonokaSystem.NEO is designed to avoid multiple losses (SL) due to Soaring and Crash, which are weaknesses of contrarian.

    The EA essentially ends its role when the maximum drawdown (fixed lot) is below -35%. (Cash management is the most important)
    The ideal is to manage the EA that has been active in the market for a long time without requiring optimization with the simplest logic possible.

    Back test (BT) is verified in 20 years.
    We did not use "Every Tick" for this verification.
    BT's "Every Tick" is a 1-minute bar (M1), so it is not possible to perform an accurate verification by entering in the middle of each bar.
    Since KonokaSystem.NEO is a closing price based logic, we verify BT with "Open price only".
    Closing price based verification is the best way to make BT and forward testing similar.
    Similar to "TradeStation" and "MultiCharts", it can be verified quickly even for a long period.

    Also, the offset during summer time is not required to make the verification with BT similar. (Verified)
    MT4 server time (00:00) is the end of NY market (17:00), so I am making EA based on this.

    EA that became the source of NEO: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

    <Explanation of parameters>

    ・MagicNumber = 3333 ; Magic number (required when running multiple EA)
    ・MaxSpread = 20; maximum spread (because spread spreads early in the morning in Japan time)
    ・MaxOrders = 3; Maximum number of positions
    ・Space = 40; if MaxOrders is 1 or more, the width of the next entry
    ・Friday = True; There is trading on Friday (cross weekend = True)
    ・MM = False; Money management (Ttue = Yes)
    ・MM_Risk = 3; Money management risk (0.03 lot for $1000 in this case)
    ・MaxLotSize = 100; Maximum number of lots
    ・Lots = 0.1; lot size (about $1000=0.05Lot)
    ・TP = 1000; profit margin
    ・SL = 1000; Loss cut width

    Note ①: 5 digit forex brokers (1000=100Pips)
    Note ②: Close Time (17:00) in NY market is MT4 Server time (00:00).
    (In the daylight saving time and winter time, the trading time will be off by 1 hour overall, but this is not a problem)
    Note ③: This EA cannot operate multiple accounts in one account.
    (To run multiple EA, install multiple MT4 and log in to the same account.)
    Note ④: This EA provides "methods", so we cannot respond to additions or changes to the program.

    konokasystemneo-screen-8784.png konokasystemneo-screen-4865.png konokasystemneo-screen-1419.png konokasystemneo-screen-4305.png konokasystemneo-screen-1679.png


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