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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by Emma McNeill, Oct 2, 2020.

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    The Hyperbolic Trade is a unique multi-currency trading strategy.

    The EA has the following features:

    • Simultaneously trades on 8 currency pairs: EURGBP, GBPAUD, AUDNZD, NZDUSD, USDCAD, CADCHF, CHFJPY, EURJPY;
    • Uses of arbitrage to eliminate the possibility to receive drawdown;
    • Not afraid of the news;
    • Works both during the sideways and the trend movements;
    • Does not use the martingale principle;
    • Does not use indicators;
    • Automatically detects suffixes and prefixes of the traded instruments.
    Description of Input Parameters
    • Trade - allow trading, true - enabled;
    • CloseAll - close all open orders, true - close, also disables trading (even at Trade = true);
    • Magic - EA magic number;
    • VolumeMultiplier - the main volume multiplier, the volume for each pair is calculated according to this multiplier, the total lot will on all pairs be 7-8 times larger, more details in the trading recommendations;
    • Step - step of the changes in volume, the optimum value is 0.01, more details in the trading recommendations;
    • Percent - the percentage of the volume required by the Hyperbolic Trade, 100 - full volume, more details in the trading recommendations;
    • UpdateTime - the period to monitor the market situation, in milliseconds, the optimum value is 250, more details in the trading recommendations;
    Operation Principle
    The profit is received due to the fact that the price always moves in the direction of the position opened with a lot larger than necessary, and opposite to the position with a smaller lot. Exception is for the EURJPY pair, to create an arbitrage situation in order to avoid drawdown, trading on this pair is performed against the aforementioned principle, and as a result, all positions on this instruments have negative profit.

    Recommendations on Trading
    The profitability of the EA directly depends on the VolumeMultiplier/Step ratio. The optimum values are from 50 to 200 (0.5 - 2 VolumeMultiplier at 0.01 Step). With the increase of the ratio the volume of the margin increases, which results in the decrease of the EA profitability percentage. At the same time, the decrease of the ratio leads to a rarer profit taking, which also affects the profit. The 'Step' value must be no less than the minimum lot of your broker. The usage of arbitrage makes it possible not to be afraid to use large leverages, the optimal values are 300-500. The greater leverage values require the user to monitor the availability of free equity, in case the broker decreases the leverage (before the weekend) and closure of parts of positions. The EA correctly reacts to the changes in the values of VolumeMultiplier and Step during trading, by changing the volume of the opened positions accordingly. The value of UpdateTime is responsible for the speed of the EA operation. The smaller this value (milliseconds), the faster the EA works and the greater the load on the terminal and server, the optimal value is 250.

    The Percent parameter allows to reduce the volume of open positions, which decreases the margin and the load on the deposit, and also the accrued swap. This preserves the operation principle, but there is probability of obtaining a negligible drawdown. The other meaning of the Percent parameter is the maximum deviation of the price from the current value by the specified percentage. The optimal values are 20 - 50. More aggressive settings (VolumeMultiplier 5 - 10, Percent 10 - 20) are more profitable, but it is recommended to use them during a flat and under the trader's supervision.

    The minimum deposit calculation can be performed using the following formula: (18000*VolumeMultiplier*Percent)/leverage.

    Price policy
    This EA is stable and ready to use. Due to the multi-currency trading strategy of the EA and the lack of possibility to test it in the tester, the testing is performed in real time on real data. The functionality of the EA will be expanded based on the testing results, the recommendations on trading will be complemented, and the price of the EA will also be increased. By buying the product now, you will receive the future updates free of charge. For those who doubt, it is possible to rent the product for the duration of testing (3 months).

    Timely customer support and consultation.


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