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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY


Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 8, 2020.

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    Flexible, affordable and predictable Expert Advisor based on a great strategy - for both beginners and experienced traders. It is not too complex, yet not primitive.

    The strategy is based on the advantageous joint operation of 5 divergence indicators (MACD, ADX, BBands, StdDev and OBV) that are used to reconfirm each-other’s signal on the same bar, i.e. the signal for opening is triggered by two (2) or more concurrent divergences (in some instances, in combination with an additional reversal indicator HullMA). The Expert Advisor covers all known types of divergences:

    • classical divergences (entries at reversals)
    • "hidden" divergences (trend-following entries)
    It features several smart filters to eliminate the influence of adverse market conditions and noise. The Expert Advisor is not a scalper, does not use Martingale and is good for any instrument. The recommended charts - M30 and higher. It has been developed in cooperation with the 'Top Gun' in MQL programming - komposter.

    Special Offer

    Clients who have purchase Hi-Five will get *$20 refund per set-file that produces the following results on a 5-year history:

    • profit factor: 4+
    • average annual number of trades: 25+
    *only one set-file per instrument/pair-TF(!) satisfying the above criteria will be accepted for a refund on a first-come, first-served basis. On our part, we will ensure transparency of all refunds against specific set-files.

    Settings of the Expert Advisor
    Available tools and features:

    • Market Execution - allows you to open positions without SL and TP (so that the open price becomes known). The EA then modifies the open position by setting SL and TP targets according to the settings;
    • Expert INFO - any useful textual information to be displayed on the screen;
    • Unique MagicNumber - for identification of trades;
    • StartTradeDate - specific day and time from which the optimization/testing should be performed;
    • AllowedDirection - Buy only, Sell only, or both;
    • IntraDayWorkTime - trade during desired sessions only (Asia- /Europe- /USA-). A separate indicator showing trading sessions on the chart is available upon request;
    • LotPercent - selection of 2 lot size options: (i) fixed lot size, or (ii) % of account balance;
    • Comprehensive Trailing Stop (“running knot”) - to maximize profits;
    • A comprehensive ADX filter filters out trades below ADX_Min (the market is too tight) and above ADX_Max (the market is too hot), as well as cancels all orders if incremental ADX gain on the previous bar is less than ADX_MinROST;<a name="OLE_LINK12
    • Comprehensive Support/Resistance filter using dynamic moving channels (a detailed description is provided with the Expert Advisor).
    Additional Features

    • Automatic adjustment to 4 and 5-digit quotes;
    • Possibility to set up the cap on the max allowed slippage;
    • Special graphic markings for openings, closings and cancellations (indicating the reason for cancellation) for better visualization and analysis;
    • Calculation and printing of information on the average lifetime of all trades to a csv file.
    Test Results
    Test run on EURUSD 5-yr history using default settings (H1 chart):

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    Real account monitoring: <a target="_blank" You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

    has been created by Oleksandr Medviediev, trader and Algo development enthusiast.

    hi-five-screen-6118.jpg hi-five-screen-7212.jpg hi-five-screen-2278.jpg hi-five-screen-9814.jpg hi-five-screen-7451.jpg


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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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