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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY


Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by Emma McNeill, Oct 7, 2020.

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    The GSensor Expert Advisor is a complete automated trading system applying recalculation of targets and risk depending on market volatility and drawdown.

    The main advantages of the robot:

    • Full automation of the trading process, you only need to configure initial settings.
    • Trading style: momentum, swing, ranging, averaging.
    • Configurable risk, affecting the profitability of trading.
    • Protection of trader's capital and the possibility to reach the zero result on losing trades.
    • Automatic calculation of the traded lot size, depending on the available funds on the account and current drawdown (fixed lot option is also available).
    • Automatic calculation (recalculation) of targets, depending on the volatility of the market (can be switched off)
    • Automatic calculation of the aggregate position.
    • Automatic calculation of the trailing stop level (can be switched off)
    • Use of Fibonacci levels and indicators: MA, MACD, Stochastic, ATR and others.
    • Several market exit options:
      • Closing by a take profit.
      • Closing by a trailing stop.
      • Closing upon reversal in overbought and oversold zones.
    • Control and protection against spread widening.
    • Working timeframe М5
    Main EA's Settings:
    • OpenCloseTrades - the Expert Advisor can be used in stop and target setting mode during manual trading. In this case, only the trader opens and closes positions. The stop loss and take profit levels are calculated based on the Lots and TakeProfit values so as to make the total profit be equal to the profit of one position with the 'Lots' volume and the target equal to 'TakeProfit' points. Note that swaps can significantly influence the results. In order to enable the manual mode, this parameter should be set to false. In this case the EA will manage trades on the current currency pair.
    • FixedLots - fixed trade volume
    • RiskPercent - risk level
    • TakeProfit - target level
    • StopLoss - initial stop loss (to limit losses in case of market reversal)
    • DecreaseFactor - multiplier to reduce a deal volume after a loss
    • IncreaseFactor - multiplier to increase a deal volume after a loss
    • MaxOrders - the maximum number of open orders
    • TrailingStop - the trailing stop value
    • MaxSpread - the maximum allowable spread to open orders
    • Slippage - the maximum allowable slippage
    • MarketWatch - opening orders for ECN accounts
    • UseChangeStops - apply modification of stop and target levels
    • FollowPlusSwap - trade in the positive swap direction (if any)
    • CloseReverseMode - order closing mode
    • CorrectCloseAll - correct gradual closure of all orders
    • DrawDownLimitControl - control and limitation of drawdown
      • DD_BelowPercentDangerous - Percentage of the drawdown level (Dangerous!!!) for activating the trade restriction
      • DD_BelowPercentWarning - Percentage of the drawdown level (Warning!)
      • DD_BelowPercentFine - Percentage of the drawdown level (Normal)
    • FrequencyTrades - trade opening frequency
    • SelectModeZones - select the trading mode
    • AutoChangeTakeProfit - automated modification of the TakeProfit level
    • AutoChangeRiskPercent - automated modification of the traded risk
      • ACRP_Dangerous - Risk level (Dangerous!!!)
      • ACRP_Warning - Risk level (Warning!)
      • ACRP_Fine - Risk level (Normal)
      • ACRP_Absent - Risk level (None)
    • AutoChangeTrailingStop - automated modification of the trailing stop level (WarningDividerTS, FineDividerTS, AbsentDividerTS - trailing stop dividers depending on the drawdown and volatility)
    • AutoTrailingStopFactor - factor for the automated modification of the trailing stop
    • AutoMaxOrders - automated modification of the number of orders
    • FullAuto - fully automated mode
    • SelectTrendDetector - choose the trend detection method
    • UseTradingHours - use trade timing
    • ControlLastActivity - control over activity on the account (temporary elimination of the reasons for the EA's inactivity to resume its activity [useful when running the EA on a VPS requiring activity over a certain period])



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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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