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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by Emma McNeill, Oct 7, 2020.

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    Strategy is based on the position of the previous bar including its wicks relative to the Bollinger Bands indicator. The bar must be completely outside the indicator lines in order to perform trades. Working timeframe is H1.

    • The template features an adaptive forecast algorithm based on history data of price action;
    • It has multiple filters for opening new orders;
    • Compatible with any trading strategy, both manual or automatic (Expert Advisors);
    • It has the maximum possible and compatible functionality: adaptive order grid, locking, averaging, rebuying.
    Expert Advisor Installation
    The quotes history must be predownloaded for all currency pairs, to which the EA will be attached.

    If you enable multi-trading, Inp_Multicurrency – true, the EA works with the same magic number on all specified symbols.

    In order to provide operation of the news filter: In the terminal, open Tools ---> Options ---> Expert Advisors ---> add "You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login" to the "Allow WebRequest for listed URL list" field.

    Main Parameters
    • Inp_Period, Inp_Deviation, Inp_Price - parameters of the Bollinger Bands indicator;
    • Inp_NewsFilter, Inp_NewsImpotance, Inp_StopBeforeNews, Inp_StartAfterNews - news filter settings;
    • Inp_StartTime, Inp_EndTime - operation by time;
    • Inp_PriceFilter - volatility filter;
    • Inp_BalanceLots - calculation of the traded lot based on balance (maximum lot/100*Inp_BalanceLots);
    • Inp_StartLots - initial lot, if Inp_BalanceLots = 0;
    • Inp_PercenValues - set the values of stop loss, take profit, breakeven and trailing stop as percentages, otherwise in points;
    • Inp_StopLoss - stop loss, 0 - not used;
    • Inp_TakeProfit - take profit, 0 - not used;
    • Inp_MinProbability - the minimum probability of profit for opening a position, 0 - not used;
    • Inp_Forecast - the number of price levels to build a forecast, set from 2 to 7;
    • Inp_MagicNum - magic number, if 0 the EA works with all orders;
    • Inp_EaComment - comment to trades;
    • Inp_MaxSlippage - the maximum slippage for opening an order;
    • Inp_MaxSpread - the maximum spread;
    • Inp_ReverseTrades - reverse positions: open sell instead of buy and buy instead of sell;
    • Inp_DiffDirections - allow opening oppositely directed orders;
    • Inp_ModeWithdrawal - prohibit opening new orders, only close existing ones;
    • Inp_Multicurrency - consider positions on all symbols in the calculation of stop loss, take profit, breakeven and trailing stop;
    • Inp_CloseOnSignal - close positions in case of an opposite signal;
    • Inp_CloseAllOrders - close all orders in opposite directions when the total profit or loss is reached;
    • Inp_BreakevenStop, Inp_BreakevenStep - distance and profit in points for the position breakeven, 0 - not used;
    • Inp_TrailingStop, Inp_TrailingStep - distance and profit in points for the position trailing, 0 - not used;
    • Inp_MaxOrdersSeries - maximum number of orders in one direction;
    • Inp_MaxLotsSeries - maximum cumulative lot size of order series in one direction;
    • Inp_MaxOpenLots - maximum lot size for opening a trade;
    • Inp_SendOrderLevel - distance from the last open position to place a level for opening a new order;
    • Inp_PauseMinutes - pause in minutes between the modifications of order opening and placing levels, 0 - not used;
    • Inp_LevelAveraging - step for setting the averaging level, 0 - not used;
    • Inp_PlusLot - term of the previous lot size for averaging, 0 - not used;
    • Inp_PlusRatio - lot increase ratio for averaging, value must be greater than 1; 0 - not used;
    • Inp_LevelRebuy - step for setting the rebuy level, 0 - not used;
    • Inp_MinusLot - subtract from the previous lot for rebuys, 0 - not used;
    • Inp_MinusRatio - lot decrease ratio, value should be less than 1, 0 – not used;
    • Inp_HedgingDrawdown - drawdown on a symbol for hedging, if 0 - not used;
    • Inp_HedgingPair - symbol for hedging.

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