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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 12, 2020.

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    Goldfinger is a triple strategy Expert Advisor. It uses three strategies: trend following, reverse, and volatility breakout strategy. The three strategies are independently selectable.

    It is developed specially for Gold market, but it works well in all markets (Forex, Index, Equity, etc.) and demonstrates the robustness of the strategy.

    Main Features
    • Very low drown down,
    • Good risk reward ratio,
    • Work every time with stop loss,
    • No martingale,
    • Automatic risk management.
    It is a very effective and robust strategy, tested on 11 years backtest on Gold, Forex and Indexes.

    • TrendStrategy: If true trend strategy is enable.
    • ReverseStrategy: If true reverse strategy is enable.
    • VolatilityStrategy: If true volatility strategy is enable.
    • WeekEndClose: If true all orders are closed on Friday.
    • FridayCloseHour : Friday closed time.
    • StartHourTrend: Start time for trend strategy.
    • EndHourTrend : End time for trend strategy.
    • MaPeriodTrend : Moving average period for trend strategy.
    • CCIPeriodTrend: CCI period for trend strategy.
    • CCILevelTrend : CCI level for trend strategy.
    • RSIPeriodTrend: RSI period for trend strategy.
    • StopLossTrend : Stop loss in pips for trend strategy.
    • TrailingStopTrend: Trail stop in pips for trend strategy.
    • StartHourRev : Start hour for reverse strategy.
    • EndHourRev : End hour for reverse strategy.
    • BBShift : Bollinger band shift for reverse strategy.
    • CCIPeriodRev : CCI period for reverse strategy.
    • CCILevelRev : CCI level for reverse strategy.
    • RSIPeriodRev : RSI period for reverse strategy.
    • StopLossRev : Stop loss for reverse strategy.
    • TrailingStopRev: Trail stop for reverse strategy.
    • StartHourVol : Start hour for volatility strategy.
    • EndHourVol : End hour for volatility strategy.
    • MaPeriodVol : Moving average period for volatility strategy.
    • SLFactor : Stop loss factor to calculate the stop loss level.
    • RRRatio : Risk reward ratio.
    • VolatilityLevel : Minimum volatility level to open positions.
    • FastVol : Period to calculate the fast volatility.
    • SlowVol : Period to calculate the slow volatility.
    • Offs : Offset used to calculate the volatility level.
    • MaxVolOrder : Max number of orders for volatility strategy.
    • TrailingStopVol : Trailstop for volatility strategy.
    • AutoLot : If true the lot size will be calculated according to the risk.
    • LotSize : Fix lot size if AutoLot = false.
    • Risk : Used risk percentage if AutoLot = true.
    • Magic : Unique magic number for the management of orders.
    • MaxSpread : Max allowed spread.
    • GMTOffset: Offset time hours from mt4 server and GMT time.
    • DisplayInfoPanel : If true the info panel is showed.
    The default settings are for Gold market.

    Pay attention to set the true value of GMTOffset.

    Thanks and good trading with Goldfinger.

    goldfinger-screen-2533.png goldfinger-screen-8539.png goldfinger-screen-7983.png goldfinger-screen-1433.png goldfinger-screen-5868.png


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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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