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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 6, 2020.

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    Price action and high probability pattern trading are two defining characteristics of this Harmonics Pattern EA. It identifies the pattern based on the geometrical shifts in Fibo angles to identify reversals in a trend.

    It can identify different variants of Harmonics patterns (8 different variants) and place trades.

    The customer can also toggle ON/OFF any of the Harmonic Patterns as they wish for full flexibility.

    All timeframes and currencies are supported, but please note that it is recommended that you perform optimization for the best parameter settings.

    Harmonics Patterns included are

    • Bat
    • Butterfly
    • Crab
    • Gartley
    • Shark
    • AB=CD
    • Three Drives
    • Cypher
    • EA_Name: This name of EA will be printed in the comments of each trade
    • Choose EA Mode: Choose whether the EA should open real trades (Trading Mode) or just send alerts (Alert Mode)
    • TradeSharkPattern: Toggle to use Shark pattern, true/false
    • TradeGartleyPattern: Toggle to use Gartley pattern, true/false
    • TradeButterflyPattern: Toggle to use Butterfly pattern, true/false
    • TradeBatPattern: Toggle to use Bat pattern, true/false
    • TradeCrabPattern: Toggle to use Crab pattern, true/false
    • TradeCypherPattern: Toggle to use Cypher pattern, true/false
    • Trade3DrivesPattern: Toggle to use Three Drives pattern, true/false
    • TradeABCDPattern: Toggle to use AB=CD Pattern, true/false
    • BB_RSI_Combination: Choose the indicator (Bollinger Bands and/or RSI) combination for entry
    • EntryCondition4PointD_EntryLine: Choose the relationship between the Bat pattern point D and the drawn entry line
    • PointDTouchFromEntryLine: Max clearance pips from point D to entry line to be counted as touched
    • MaxBarsBtwPointDAndIndiSignal: Maximum bars between indicators confirmation point and D line cross point
    • MinEntryPipsInPredictedDn: Minimum entry pips in predicted direction before a trade is opened
    • MyRecoupCondition: Choose whether to use lot multiplier to recoup losses or not. Three options:
    • AutoCalcMultiplier: If true, the EA will automatically calculate multiplier for recouping losses
    • UseFixedMultiplier: The multiples of a fixed lot to add (if AutoCalcMultiplier=False)
    • MaxNumOfTradesPerTime: The maximum number of trades per currency opened at a time
    • Magic Number: Trade magic number. If 0, the EA will automatically calculate a magic number
    • UseHiddenTPnSL: Hide the set stop loss and take profit from displaying on the chart for broker’s view
    • FixedLots: Minimum trading lots size when auto recoup lot multiplier is not used
    • UseDrawnSL_LineForSL: Use the drawn stop loss line for trades stop loss (automatic stop loss calculation)
    • StopLoss: Use fixed stop loss in pips
    • TrailSL_Pips: Pips of stop to trail after breakeven
    • BreakEvenAdd: Pips to add above/below Open price at breakeven
    • TakeProfit: Use fixed profit in pips
    • ChooseExitModeAtFixedTP: Choose exit mode when fixed take profit is hit
    • PercentOfLot4PartialClose: Percentage of a lot to close at take profit
    • Slippage: Allowed trade slippage in pips
    • MaxSpread: Maximum allowed spread
    • BarsBack: Numbers of chart bars to consider in finding pattern
    • B_Bands Period: Bollinger Bands period
    • B_Bands Deviation: Bollinger Bands deviation
    • RSI Period: RSI indicator period
    • RSI Sell Level: RSI indicator Sell level
    • RSI Buy Level: RSI indicator Buy level
    • ShowComments: Show chart information
    • XABCD_LabelColor: Text color for labeling X, A, B, C and D points of the Bat pattern
    • XABCD_LabelFontSize: Text font size for labeling X, A, B, C and D points of the Bat pattern
    • LabelPipsFromXABC: Text distance in pips from the X, A, B, C and D points of the Bat pattern
    • RemoveAllObjectAfterDeinit: Toggle to remove or leave all drawn objects after EA's deinitialization
    • ShowFibLines: Show parttern Fibo lines on chart
    • bigText: Toggle to display big text of the pattern name on chart
    • bigTextSize: Font size of the big text of the pattern name
    • bigTextColorBullish: Color for the big text of the pattern name (Bullish)
    • bigTextColorBearish: Color for the big text of the pattern name (Bearish)
    • bigTextX: X coordinate position of the big text of the pattern name
    • bigTextY: Y coordinate position of the big text of the pattern name

    full-harmonic-patterns-screen-1599.jpg full-harmonic-patterns-screen-5954.jpg full-harmonic-patterns-screen-8651.jpg full-harmonic-patterns-screen-8130.jpg full-harmonic-patterns-screen-9148.jpg


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