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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY


Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 9, 2020.

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    The Fox Trade News Expert Advisor is designed for automatic placing of orders (2 order) Sell Stop and Buy Stop before important news releases in accordance with a preset schedule. The EA maintains the placed orders throughout their lifetime, which is defined parametrically (Expiration — lifetime in seconds). The "lifetime" specifies the time during which both orders (Sell Stop and Buy Stop) will be placed, opened and closed forcedly or by Stop Loss/Take Profit.

    Use of this EA eliminates the necessity to stay near your PC during news releases. Placing orders, opening, maintenance, closing or deleting orders — Fox Trade News will do it for you.

    • News Release Dates. NewsDate="05.09.2014 15:29".
      It should be noted that the news Stop Order is better placed a few minutes before the news release, as in the time of release sometimes it is impossible to place an order because of the huge number of dynamic prices. Set here the estimated time of Stop order placing in your terminal time (specific time of your broker/server). As mentioned above, the desirable time is a few minutes before the news release.
    • Order distance. Distantion=130.
      This parameter determines the distance in points (I have 5 decimal places) from the price, where Sell Stop and Buy Stop will be placed.
    • Stop Loss of Stop orders. Loss=100.
      For each trading instrument and for every trader the Stop Loss is individual. The default value is 100 points.
    • Take Profit of Stop orders. Profit=300.
      For each trading instrument and for every trader the Take Profit is individual. The default value is 300 points.
    • Order size. Lot=0.05.
    • Slippage in points. slippage=3.
      Acceptable deviation of the price when placing orders.
    • Order lifetime, in seconds. Expiration=500.
      This parameter specifies the time interval, over which the order is automatically removed (for Stop orders) or closed (for Open orders). If any of the orders opens and reaches Stop Loss/Take Profit, the second order (whether it is a Stop or an open order) will be closed automatically, even if the lifetime has not expired.
    • The AutoTrading function must be enabled.
    • Set the required parameters and run the Expert Advisor on a selected timeframe.Note: You can use any timeframe, but do not change it until the end of the EA operation. Otherwise, parameters will be reinitialized and EA operation may become unstable!
    • The following items appear on chart upon launch of the EA:
      • Terminal Time — current terminal time.
      • Waiting News — news release time/time to place Stop orders.
      • Before the News left, sec — the number of seconds before news releases/Stop order placing, after which it changes to Remaining time to auto-delete Stop orders, and then Please restart Advisor!
      • Profit — profit size. Displayed when opening an order and removing all orders.
      • Quantity Stop-Orders — the number of placed Stop orders.
      • Quantity Open-orders — the number of open orders.
      • Button 'Delete Stop-Orders' — deleting Stop orders earlier than the expiration time.
      • Button 'Close Open Orders' — closing open orders earlier than their expiration time.
    The information is dynamic, it is updated with every tick.

    After all orders are processed, notification 'Please restart Advisor!' appears, which means you should restart the EA to use it again.

    That;s all about Fox Trade News. Your feedback is welcome on the Comments tab.

    fox-trade-news-screen-9527.png fox-trade-news-screen-7570.png fox-trade-news-screen-4039.png fox-trade-news-screen-4349.png fox-trade-news-screen-2005.png


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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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