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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 12, 2020.

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    System Introduction
    Fx TrendRider is an amazing EA that takes pips as easy as the market itself because it rides with the trends and masters the trend direction and market conditions as it is at any point in time.

    Money Management
    The default lot size setting is 0.10, you can start with that first and see how it goes, then you can increase your lot according to your account balance but do not trade with the money you cannot afford to lose even though with time, you will discover that you can use this EA to trade without fear of losing your money overnight or get your account blown out. With a good money management, you do not have to fear to trade all the instruments recommended here since not all of them will have signal to trade at the same time. Only about two or three at most do have trade signal simultaneously. It acts on the reality of price changes, therefore it can be quite efficient and its positive results will boost your confidence.

    Recommended Currency Pairs
    Fx TrendRider works fine with these currency pairs: USDCAD, CADJPY, AUDUSD, GBPJPY, AUDJPY. Fx TrendRider does not open order anyhow, it may take a while before it actually gets a signal to trade and once it does, there is at least 80-85% assurance that the order may end up a winner.

    The best timeframe it works on is Daily Time Frame only.

    Parameter settings do not need tweaking or adjustment except the lot size only that needs to be set according to your account balance as it grows. In the nearest future, this shall be solved by auto-increment for lot size according to the growth/increase of the account balance in the updated version of this EA later.

    The simple parameters are:

    • Take Profit, 250p - Take Profit point
    • Stop Loss, 100p - Stop Loss point
    • UseBreakeven (optional) - True/False (True by default), to activate Breakeven if set true
    • Breakeven, 50p - Breakeven level
    • UseTrailingStop (optional) - True/False (True by default), to activate Trailing Stop if set true
    • Trailing Stop, 100p - Trailing stop level
    • Lot size, 0.10 - Default lot size
    Other Unique Features
    • Fx TrendRider does not predict market but trades on the real state of the market. There is no market without trend and trend is the trader's best friend if the direction is right.
    • Fx TrendRider uses customized Stochastic indicators that effectively masters the trend movements and characters, gives accurate information and discover the right moments to enter the market to avoid incessant losses.
    • Transactions, total trades, profits and losses reporting are displayed on the chart view and also displays both local and server time on the chart view.
    • It manages all the opened orders by moving the stop-loss to a breakeven after a preset price-move into positive side to prevent unnecessary losses if the price reverses unexpectedly.
    • It also trails the price after a preset price-moves into a positive side to protect what you have already made (Trailing Stop).
    • It doesn't open two trades on the same symbol at a time.
    • Works with both 4 and 5-digit brokers.
    Thanks for your interest in Fx TrendRider!

    forex-245dea-screen-2351.png forex-245dea-screen-6437.png forex-245dea-screen-3673.png forex-245dea-screen-1415.png


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