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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by Emma McNeill, Oct 2, 2020.

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    The EA uses the signals of the Ichimoku indicator from multiple timeframes simultaneously. For a trade entry, from 1 to 5 different timeframes can be adjusted. It is not always necessary for all the indicators to show buy (or sell) to enter the trade. The number of the required signal for the entry can be configured. Also, to improve trading, other indicators are used, as well as the search for divergences. It is recommended to use the EA on the currency pairs with high volatility (for example EUR/USD, GBP/USD).

    Input Parameters
    • lots - lot size;
    • Magic - unique Identifier (it must be different for each instance of the EA in the terminal);
    • Take profit - order closing price when the profitability level is reached;
    • stop loss - order closing price when the loss level is reached;
    • period ADX - ADX period for determining the trend strength;
    • Level ADX - ADX level, above which orders are opened;
    • timeframe Ichimoku 1 (minutes) - timeframe of the first Ichimoku indicator (specified in minutes, for example: 5 - is for M5, 60 - H1);
    • priority Ichimoku 1 - Ichimoku 1 priority (the higher the priority, the more this indicator will be considered for opening trades). If set to 0 - this indicator is not considered);
    • timeframe Ichimoku 2 (minutes) - timeframe of the second Ichimoku indicator;
    • priority Ichimoku 2 - Ichimoku 2 priority;
    • timeframe Ichimoku 3 (minutes) - timeframe of the third Ichimoku indicator;
    • priority Ichimoku 3 - Ichimoku 3 priority;
    • timeframe Ichimoku 4 (minutes) - timeframe of the fourth Ichimoku indicator;
    • priority Ichimoku 4 - Ichimoku 4 priority;
    • timeframe Ichimoku 5 (minutes) - timeframe of the fifth Ichimoku indicator;
    • priority Ichimoku 5 - Ichimoku 5 priority;
    • timeframe AO (minutes) - timeframe of the Awesome Oscillator indicator;
    • count bars for divers - amount of bars used in searching for divergences and convergences;
    • priority divers AO - priority of the divergences on the Awesome Oscillator indicator;
    • period Williams Percent Range - period of the Williams Percent Range indicator;
    • levels Williams Percent Range - levels of the Williams Percent Range indicator;
    • priority Williams Percent Range - priority of the Williams Percent Range indicator;
    • count signals for open order - the number of signals with the consideration of the priority, required for opening a trade;
    • Stochastic Period - period of the Stochastic indicator;
    • stochastic slowing - Stochastic slowing;
    • stochastic levels (0-100) - Stochastic level;
    • stochastic shift - shift of the Stochastic indicators by the number of bars;
    • ADX and period stoch - dependence of the Stochastic indicator period on the values of the ADX indicator;
    • ADX and slowing stoch - dependence of the Stochastic slowing on the values of the ADX;
    • Tenkan - Tenkan period of the Ichimoku indicator;
    • Kijun - Kijun period of the Ichimoku indicator;
    • Senkou - Senkou period of the Ichimoku indicator;
    • hour start place orders - trading start hour;
    • hour stop place orders - trading end hour;
    • increase lot - increase the lot during profitable trading by the specified amount (not recommended if the terminal is frequently turned on and off, as well as in case of poor optimization of the EA);
    • max lot - maximum lot (when increasing);
    • delay (only for fast test) - delay (use it for fast test only, set to 0 in the final test and in live trading).

    five-timeframes-ichimoku-screen-3056.png five-timeframes-ichimoku-screen-2236.png five-timeframes-ichimoku-screen-4016.png five-timeframes-ichimoku-screen-6811.png five-timeframes-ichimoku-screen-8725.jpg


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