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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 9, 2020.

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    Multifunctional Expert Advisor for MetaTrader 4
    The EA's algorithm is based on versatility principle. The EA can work in three different modes that can be switched independently. DigitalFilterA indicator readings are used as trading signals. The indicator's algorithm is based on the highly efficient digital filter. The unique digital filtering algorithm provides users with trading signals in a timely manner and also allows them to assess the current situation objectively when performing technical analysis. The indicator can be used both on smaller and higher periods equally well.

    Unlike conventional indicators, digital filtration method significantly reduces phase lag, thus providing a clear signal earlier as compared to other indicators. During the analysis, the EA can use data from the current and higher periods increasing the reliability of the incoming signals. A unique algorithm is provided in order to optimize the trading system parameters.

    The EA can work simultaneously in two directions - buy and sell. If necessary, the EA can be configured only for working in one direction. Profitability and risks can be managed by changing the EA operation modes.

    Operation Mode
    Initial order volume is calculated automatically when enabling the proportional calculation function. If the price moves against the position, the averaging order is opened automatically when the averaging function is enabled. The averaging algorithm can be flexibly adjusted by special input parameters. If necessary, the algorithm of proportional volume and averaging calculation can be enabled in the EA's input parameters. In that case, the EA follows the indicator signals from the current and auxiliary timeframes, while the risks remain minimal.

    Input parameters
    Most Relevant Parameters

    • MagicNumber - unique ID of orders.
    • Start Time - time to start opening new series.
    • Stop Time - time to stop opening new series.
    • Drawdown - prohibit opening new series at the specified drawdown. If a Buy or Sell series has been started and the specified drawdown is reached, an opposite series will not be opened until the started series is completed.
    • Balance - balance for proportional calculation of the initial position volume. If 0, the function is disabled and initial position volume is equal to Lots_.
    • Lots - the reference volume for proportional calculation of the initial position volume.
    • OffMM - disable the volume increase algorithm when averaging a series. If enabled, all positions are opened with the same volume.
    • Slippage - maximum deviation from the requested price when opening and closing market positions.
    Group of parameters for buying

    • Buy - permission to open buy positions.
    • Max_buy - maximum number of buy positions opened simultaneously.
    • SL_buy - stop loss of the initial position in points.
    • TP_buy - reference take profit level of the initial position in points.
    • OPK_buy - indent from the last buy position (in points) for setting the next position.
    • TPK_buy - ratio for changing take profit level of the averaging position in percentage from TP_buy.
    Group of parameters for selling

    • Sell - permission to open sell positions.
    • Max_sell - maximum number of sell positions opened simultaneously.
    • SL_sell - stop loss of the initial position in points.
    • TP_sell - reference take profit level of the initial position in points.
    • OPK_sell - indent from the last sell position (in points) for setting the next position.
    • TPK_sell - ratio for changing take profit level of the averaging position in percentage from TP_sell
    • MarketExecution - stop loss and take profit for market orders are set only after the orders are opened. This parameter should be used when working on an ECN account.
    • History - enable signal database preparation mode for further optimization or testing in the strategy tester.
    • Optimization - enable special optimization or testing mode. This mode significantly reduces the consumption of system resources substantially shortening the time required for optimization or testing. In this mode, the signal database instead of the indicator is used for defining the signals.
    • Maximal drawdown - the maximum allowable drawdown as a percentage of the active account balance. When this value is reached, all positions opened by the EA are closed. After this trading starts from the beginning.
    Percentage Trail Stop Loss

    • Use Trailing Stop - enable the trailing stop function. If false, trailing stop is disabled.
    • Trailing Stop level - as soon as profit in points becomes equal or greater than the specified level, the command for placing a Stop Loss order is issued automatically. The order level is set at the specified distance from the current price. If the price moves in favorable direction, the trailing stop automatically moves stop loss following the price. Otherwise, the order is not modified.
    • Trailing Stop step - step size in points.
    Indicator Inputs

    • TFC - chart timeframe used for defining the current global price direction.
    Common parameters

    • Alerts - trade alerts.
    • Comments - comments when working with a trade server.
    • Sounds - sounds when performing trading operations.
    • Visualization - visualization of trades on the chart.

    exp-dfa-screen-5790.png exp-dfa-screen-3139.png exp-dfa-screen-3331.png


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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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