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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 13, 2020.

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    Excalibur is a multi-currency Expert Advisor which supports all pairs and stocks with spread not higher than 10 points on 4-digit quotes. The EA is equipped with the multi-timeframe oscillator DeMark filter. It can configure five various trading styles with smooth ranging from extremely aggressive to extremely conservative styles.

    You can set support and resistance (option and futures levels) manually in the EA settings once a day or less often using external data. Set the EA appropriately, so that it uses support/resistance data efficiently. If you use support/resistance, you can switch to non-filter operation mode. In this mode, you will have much bigger number of orders per one pair which will make about one order per week for a currency pair if there is at least a weak trend. The EA tries to avoid the flat market automatically.

    The EA has 15 independent models of market entry. Excalibur is an automated trend Expert Advisor which works on 8 timeframes at a time (M1-W1): if you use DeMark filter and fractals, the core module, based on a uniquely designed method of trend identification on 5 timeframes at a time, works on М1, М5, М15, H4, and D1.

    Excalibur is equipped with a uniquely designed 15 step dynamic mechanism of trailing stop, which can transfer the management to the adjustable Parabolic SAR indicator, which in its turn receives data from the actual working timeframe D1. Primarily, the first order is modified, only then the control is passed on Parabolic SAR. If Parabolic SAR starts giving an opposite signal, control is passed on 15 speed dynamic mechanism, configuration of which you can adjust yourself in the settings, or use a reference one. If Parabolic SAR generates profit-directed signal again, 15 speed dynamic trailing stop mechanism will pass control on Parabolic SAR.

    In case of successful entry by trend, it allows the EA to work efficiently which depends on setting of 15 speed dynamic trailing stop mechanism. Excalibur is provided with detailed informational panel which is displayed on the screen of the pair working chart. Excalibur features the auto action block for moving loss-making deals to breakeven.

    • Core target of a trade is 50 points, in case of initial mastering trailing stop should be at least 20 points.
    • The main timeframe for an active chart is D1. It works only on D1.
    • The EA supports all pairs including crosses and index CFDs.
    • USE_TIME_LIMIT – enable/disable work within a certain time period
    • StartHour – trading start time
    • FinishHour – trading end time
    • Show_support_and_resistance_on_D1 – display support and resistance (defined by technical analysis) on D1
    • Filters_oscillators_for_finding_precision_entrance_areas – use the oscillator filter to search for high-precision entry areas for following a trend
    • Style_values_DeMarker – automatic presets of DeMark value style for aggressive models
    • Style_values_DeMarker_conservative_trade – automatic presets of DeMark value style for conservative models
    • The_resistance_short_term_1_day_external_Analytics – a strong option level can be specified as a resistance (no orders are opened above the level)
    • The_support_short_term_1_day_external_Analytics – a strong option level can be specified as a support (no orders are opened below the level)
    • Allowed_spread_to_open_order – spread limits
    • The_allowable_width_of_the_channel_Bollinger_to_open_order – Bollinger channel width limitation
    • Filtring_for_all_model_on_3_489_9_2683_2684_deviation – Bollinger deviation. If the price goes beyond the specified deviation, orders from the mentioned models are not opened
    • Subsidiary_Filtring_for_all_model_on_9_2683_2684_deviation – additional Bollinger deviation. If the price goes beyond the specified deviation, orders from the mentioned models are not opened
    • slippage – allowed slippage
    • leverage – leverage for calculation. The value can be less than the account leverage. Enabled if the manual leverage setting is activated
    • USE_hand_tuning_leverage – enable/disable manual leverage setting
    • StopLoss – stop loss
    • TakeProfit – take profit
    • Use_Fix_lot – use fixed lot
    • Fix_lot – fixed lot value
    • The_percentage_RISK_of_alone_order – risk percentage per order
    • The_percentage_of_RISK_multiple_orders_in_the_market – risk percentage for all active orders
    • Highest_priority_Limiting_Max_Orders
    • Multiplier_Lot_for_Loss_order – lot multiplier for loss-making orders
    • Use_TrailingStop – use trailing stop
    • MAGIC - magic number
    • TakeProfit_TREND_MODEL – take profit after a basic order modification with locking into a profit
    • TrailingStop_TREND_MODEL – amount of points for triggering the basic modification step and trailing TrailingStep_TREND_MODEL – points locked in profit after the basic trailing modification
    • TrailingStopLevel1_TREND_MODEL – first level of the trailing modification
    • TrailingStepLevel1_TREND_MODEL – points locked in profit at the first level
    • TrailingStopLevel15_TREND_MODEL – fifteenth level of the trailing modification
    • TrailingStepLevel15_TREND_MODEL – points locked in profit at the fifteenth level

    excalibur-project-screen-6736.jpg excalibur-project-screen-7818.jpg excalibur-project-screen-4199.jpg excalibur-project-screen-6317.jpg excalibur-project-screen-5945.jpg

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