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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY


Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 29, 2020.

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    Trading Strategy
    Expert Advisor is a trend following grid trading system. It uses martingale as an option in the money management.

    You may notice that "martingale" and "grid" are infamous words to many traders. Because it may wipe the entire account when the trading is against a strong trend and the trade volume is too big.

    On the other hand, many traders like it because we can win in every order (or batch of orders). Actually, there are many signal services are using the technique too.

    To survive in the market when using martingale, the precondition is:

    • Do not trade with too high volumes, we need to limit the trading lots.
    • Do not add orders to the losing positions when the trading direction is against a strong trend.
    • Do not use a very tight grid space.
    • Do not put all the money to the martingale system. We should not put all the eggs in one basket.
    EasyGrid Expert Advisor offers some parameters that let you configure the system to limit the risk and keep it efficient.

    Parameters in the EA
    ** General Parameters

    • EA Magic Number - Magic number used in the EA's trading.
    • Grid Space - The minimum number of points between orders in the same direction.
    • Take Profit Points - If it is set to 0, the TP is same with "Grid Space".
    ** Risk Management Parameters

    • Start Lots - Trading start volume.
    • Martingale Factor - Multiplier between the trade volume of each order.
    • Max One Direction Orders - Maximum number of orders in the same direction (short or long).
    • Max Order Size - Maximum volume of one order, if after calculation of "Start Lots" and "Martingale Factor", the trade volume is bigger than the setting, the EA won't send the order.
    • Max Drawdown (%) - Maximum drawdown. When the overall drawdown is bigger than the setting. All orders will be closed to limit the loss. If you don't want to use this feature, you may set it to 0.
    ** Trend related parameters:

    The EasyGrid EA uses Moving average (MA) to determine the trend. If you enable this option, the EA won't perform the trade that against the direction of MA.

    • Short Order Only - If it is set to "true", the EA only perform short trading.
    • Long Order Only - If it is set to "true", the EA only perform long trading.
    • Check MA - Check MA or not.
    • MA Periods - Number of periods of MA.
    • MA Method - Can be SMA, EMA, etc.
    • MA Price - Price type. Can be HOLC, etc.
    • MA Time Frame - Time frame of the MA. D1, H4 are recommended.
    • No MA Check Price Start - If sometimes you are pretty sure that the price would stay in a range. You can specify a price range that the EA doesn't check trend by MA. This parameter is the range start price.
    • No MA Check Price End - Price of the end of range that doesn't perform the MA check.
    Best Practice
    • Martingale is dangerous. However, it's still widely used. To lower the risk, we need to keep the trade volume low and don't set the grid space too tight.
    • Choose the currency pair that stay in a range or in a long term trend.
    • Although EA can trade automatically, you still need to monitor it, adjust the parameters if necessary.
    • I have some signals based on this EA, such as: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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