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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY


Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by Emma McNeill, Oct 3, 2020.

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    Easy Trader EA Day Trading Robot
    This EA is created for USDCHF use on H1 chart. In fact it doesn't work profitable on any other charts or time frames.

    It is fully automated trading robot, with only a few user settings to not confuse new traders.

    It uses price action and mathematics to calculate the best possible place to enter the market in the direction of the current short term trend. Indicators used in Auto Profit Lock calculations.

    Easy Trader EA is easy on the CPU, memory, your Broker's server and on your internet bandwidth.

    This EA usually close the positions on the same day it's opened, but sometimes holds open positions for days.

    It is not a frequent trader. In average, it makes 1 - 2 trades per week.

    This Expert Advisor opens Market Orders always with Stop Loss and Take Profit. Your profit is protected with auto profitlock.

    It operates mainly in the London trading session. Actually 7am - 1pm GMT. This EA works best with brokers with GMT+2 server time.

    Trading Robot Features

    • Price Action
    • Profit protection
    • No scalping
    • No Martingale
    • Not Indicator based algorithm
    • Easy use
    • Easy on the computer
    • Easy on the Broker
    • No special Broker needs
    • No VPS needs
    • Account protection
    • Hidden Stop Loss - In case you believe in Stop Loss Hunting
    User Settings:
    • GMT_Offset - default is 2. Set your Broker's Server Time if it's different.
    • MagicNumber - Unique number to this EA.
    • Lots - default 0.01
    • AutoMoneyManagement - default is true, which overrides Lots. If it is false, trade size will be Lots.
    • AccountPercentToRisk - default is 5. If AutoMoneyManagement is true AccountPercentToRisk calculates your Trading size. Maximum risk allowed by the Robot is 20% of your Free Margin.
    • Stop_Loss - default is 126.
    • Real_Stop_Loss - default is 120. This hidden from the Broker.
    • Take_Profit - default is 120.
    • FridayEveningClose - default is false. Set it true if you don't want open positions held over the weekend.
    • MaxSpread - default is 2. The Robot will not open positions, if the current spread is greater than the set maximum.
    • Slipagge - default is 1. The Robot will not open positions, if the price difference is greater than the set maximum.
    • ECN - default is true. The Robot will send Stop Loss and Take Profit values to the server after the position is opened. Set it false if your Broker is not require it.
    • Auto_ProfitLock - default is true. Advanced calculation of empiric profit levels.

    easy-trader-ea-screen-5315.png easy-trader-ea-screen-2741.png easy-trader-ea-screen-7659.png easy-trader-ea-screen-4601.png


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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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