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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 11, 2020.

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    The robot is to be run in every window.

    The system operates based on the Alligator indicator, it analyzes the market on M15, M30, H1 and H4. Once all the indicators show the direction, a lot is set. This is followed by an averaging system. If the trend is opposite after step 5, the robot ceases to open orders until a signal in the initial direction emerges.

    This Expert Advisor is intended for trading 28 pairs, however it can also work on other currency pairs. The robot contains spread limitation, above which no orders will be opened.

    The Expert Advisor has been tested on a live account with the deposit of 1000 and lot 0.01. However, it also showed good results with large lots like 0.1 - this implies higher profit possibilities combined with an increased risk though.

    10 robots are running on the account at the moment.

    Parameters to adjust: symbol_28 , Lot , Max_Spread, Max_Total_Symbol , MultiStep.

    You can watch how the robot works in real time here: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login.

    EA Settings
    • TP = 100 - take profit is equal to 10 points.
    • Step = 200
    • LOT = 0.01
    • MultiStep = 1.0 - step increase. (recommended value is 1.3)
    • MultiLot = 1.3 - lot increase.
    • Lot_Digits = 2 - the number of decimal places in the lot value.
    • Max_LOT = 100.0 - the max lot amount.
    • Max_Orders = 100 - the max number of orders.
    • Slippage = 10 - order setting accuracy, i.e. allowable slippage.
    • MagNum = 0 - the magic number. (use different magic numbers when running multiple instances on one pair)
    Some Features of EA Williams Multicurrency

    • Number of decimal places in prices 5.
    • Market Execution features are taken into account (stop levels can be changed after a deal is opened).
    • It shows good results on forward periods.
    • The settings have been selected for live trading, but your results will depend on your broker's spread and quality of order execution.
    • The robot is to be run in every window.
    If you have already purchased the product

    Please write a private message to me, I'll give you recommendations on how to trade on a live account: settings for live trading, recommended brokers, etc.



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