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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 10, 2020.

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    The EA is developed for binary options trading using signals of the Double Bit Signals indicator. The main trading principle of the EA involves bouncing from channel levels and several types of filtering

    Expert Advisor Settings
    - trading setting.

    • MagicNumber - orders' ID. Allows several robots to trade on one account simultaneously.
    • Slippage (points) - maximum allowed price slippage. Measured in points. 100 by default (correction is not required).
    • Number of attempts to open an order - number of attempts to open a position in the context of price slippage (correction is not required).
    • Pause between attempts (seconds) - pause between attempts to open an order. From 1 to 5 seconds (corrected when opening is delayed, depends on a broker, 1 by default).
    • The Expiry time (minutes) - expiry time from 1 to 2880 minutes. Value change step is 1 minute.
    • The minimum difference between Adjacent Signals (points) - minimum distance between neighboring signals in points. Used for filtering signals during trendless market periods.
    • The number of bars between the Signals to reset the Lot № 1 - number of bars to reset to Step 1. Used for Martingale trading.
    • Stop Trading at Greater than or Equal Deposit : (0 = off) - limitation of profit in deposit currency, that is to say Take Profit.
    • Stop Trading at Less than or Equal Deposit: - limitation of loss, that is to say Stop Loss.
    Alerts and Visualization - visual parameters setting.

    • Draw Signal Arrows - enable/disable signal arrows display on the chart.
    • Clean Exit Chart - enable/disable diagram on the chart.
    • Arrows Size - size of arrows.
    • Arrow "UP" Color - color of CALL option arrow.
    • Arrow "DN" Color - color of PUT option arrow.
    • Create a Screenshot of a New Signal - enable/disable screenshot creator when a new signal appears. Designed for convenience.
    • Beep when New Signal - enable/disable signal notification when a new signal appears.
    • Sound File - sound file used when a new signal appears.
    • Beep when Opening a Position - enable/disable signal notification when new position is opened.
    • Sound File - sound file used when a new position is opened.
    Signal System Parameters - filtration parameters.

    • Channel - Count the Number of Bars - number of bars for channel calculation. Channel is expanded when you increase this value and vice versa. Used to choose a time frame. The lower time frame you use, the wider channel becomes. 125 by default. Applied for M5.
    • RSI - Filter - enable/disable filtration by a modified indicator based on RSI.
    • RSI - Period - period of the RSI indicator calculation.
    • RSI - Level Overbought - RSI indicator overbought level.
    • RSI - Level Oversold - RSI indicator oversold level.
    Lot (in the Deposit Currency)

    • Step 1....5 - sum to enter a trade (option buying price). Step 1 is the first lot. If Step 2 is set to 0, the EA trades the first lot only.
    Trading Periods

    • Monday........Friday, Trading Period N - Begin, Trading Period N - End - trading periods are meant for trading at a certain time, Trading Period 1 - Begin - EA trading start time, Trading Period 1 - End - trading end time. Your time zone and time zone of your broker should coincide.
    Tester Trades - strategy tester settings.

    • Initial Deposit - initial deposit for strategy tester.
    • Option Profitability in %% - refund from a profitable option in percentage. Depends on selected asset and broker.


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