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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 11, 2020.

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    This Expert Advisor alerts you of the cross between price bars and the trendlines you have drawn on all the charts opened in your platform. It does not open/close trades.

    You can have mobile notifications, email alerts, sound alerts and on-screen historical alerts.

    The product can work with all the trendlines drawn or just the manually selected trendlines.

    It works on every timeframe, but it will send you just one alert maximum on every bar, so we recommend using M5, M15 or M30 timeframes to get precise alerts for breakouts and pullback detection on the same trendline.

    The tool has been designed to fit the needs of professional traders in their routine work.

    • Alert mode: You can select "when" to be alerted. There are three options:
      • On the same bar when the price breaks the trendline. When the Expert Advisor detects the price on the last bar going from above to below the trendline (down signal) or from below to above the trendline (up signal), you will get the alert.
      • When the next bar opens after a break. You will receive the alert on the next bar after the cross occurs and is permanent on the previous bar. This avoids getting alerts with tails of the bars still redrawing.
      • All alerts. You will get all the alerts of the mode 1 and 2.
    • Manual trendline selection:

      By enabling this option, you can manually choose, which trendline will produce alerts. So you only need to write ALERT on descripton field of every trendline you want to produce alerts.
    • Show sound alert:

      When true, this will show a sound and text alert on your MT4 platform.
    • Send mobile notification:

      When true, you will get a notification on your previously configured MetaQuotes ID device.
    • Send email alerts:

      When true, you will get an email on your MT4 configured email account.
    • Show on-screen alerts:

      When true, you will see alerts on the upper left corner of the chart with the Expert Advisor.
    • Onscreen Buy alerts color:

      Font color for on-screen break up alerts.
    • Onscreen Sell alerts color:

      Font color for on-screen break down alerts.
    • Seconds between search:

      You can write a number of seconds, so the Expert Advisor will be waiting this time between every search process.

      This is very useful on slow CPUs to avoid unnecessary CPU usage.

      We recommend 60 to 120 seconds or even more depending on the timeframe selected. The minimum value is 30 seconds.
    We suggest using this tool in the next situations:

    • Essential for breakouts and pullback detection.
    • Trendlines as StopLoss following tool.
    • Chart patterns rebounds putting trendlines close to the support and resistance of your chart figure.

    control-trading-breakout-alerts-screen-6247.png control-trading-breakout-alerts-screen-6347.png control-trading-breakout-alerts-screen-8794.png control-trading-breakout-alerts-screen-3183.png control-trading-breakout-alerts-screen-2740.png


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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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