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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 28, 2020.

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    Bubbly Price Action is a fully automated Expert Advisor. It trades by bar patterns and Price Action. You can set plenty of settings on your own for your requirements.

    • No martingale.
    • No grid trading.
    • No arbitrage.
    • No curve fitting according to backtest results.
    • Stops are tight.
    • An account which is based on USD. The EA does not work properly on accounts which are based on EUR, GBP. Minimum balance is $150 for 0.8 RiskInPercentage. More balance - bigger trades or more safety.
    • An ECN broker which provides low spread and fast execution.
    • VPS is highly recommended due to 24/7 up-time
    • Suggested at least 1:100 leverage level
    • GPBUSD chart with H1 timeframe
    Settings and Inputs
    • MinimumSLPT: Value is responsible for minimum SL or TP according to calculations over ATR
    • MaximumSLPT: Value is responsible for maximum SL or TP according to calculations over ATR
    • UseMoneyManegement: True/False , if False then use fixed lot , if TRUE can set RiskInPercent of account , maximum LOTs (in total) and risk in money if don't want use % of account
    • MaxTradesPerDay: If set "0" then means unlimited
    • ReplacePendingOrders: Recommended to set "true" then new pending orders are cancelling previous
    • LimitSignalsToRange: You can set specific work hours
    • ExitAtEndOfRange: Closes orders at end of working hours
    • ExitAtEndOfDay: Closes orders at end of day
    • TradeLong/TradeShort
    • Trade days:
    • Trade on Monday: If true, the EA can trade on Monday
    • Trade on Tuesday: If true, the EA can trade on Tuesday
    • Trade on Wednesday: If true, the EA can trade on Wednesday
    • Trade on Thursday: If true, the EA can trade on Thursday
    • Trade on Friday: If true, the EA can trade on Friday
    • Trade on Saturday: If true, the EA can trade on Saturday
    • Trade on Sunday: If true, the EA can trade on Sunday
    • MaxSlippage: Value of maximum slippage that trades will be executed
    • CustomComment
    • Magic Number: In normal conditions, there is no need to change this parameter. But if You use few EAs on Your account, then please be sure that Magic Number is other to presented in other robots.

    bubbly-price-action-screen-2104.png bubbly-price-action-screen-1768.png bubbly-price-action-screen-4409.png bubbly-price-action-screen-8624.png


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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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