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Discussion in 'Trading Robots Expert Advisors MetaTrader 4' started by James Goldman, Oct 26, 2020.

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    This Scalper is based on Support/Resistance level that are identified using innovative algorithm. This is very simple EA to set it up.

    Demo Accounts :

    Growth Status as of 2/06/2020

    TickMill - You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
    -- 105327% (Initial Deposit - 200 USD, Profit - 210654.42 USD)

    Recommended Currency Pair to run -
    GBPUSD Renko 4 pips bar chart with Wicks generated for Back testing.
    EURUSD Renko 4 pips bar chart with Wicks generated for Back testing.
    EURUSD M15

    Recommended Broker parameters -
    ECN Broker

    Preferable Spread :
    EURUSD less than average 0.3 pips,
    GBPUSD less than average 0.8 pips
    commission less that $7 per lot round trip,
    VPS with broker's Server delay less than 3ms.

    Recommendation for Back-testing
    Please use Tick Data with 99% or more accuracy to back test this EA.

    Input Parameters -[/b]

    mManage - True for dynamic lot management
    - False for specified (by parameter fixedLot) fixed Lot

    stopLoss - tighter as much as possible to minimize Draw Downs by default 1.3 pips (optimized for EURUSD)
    risk - Risk Index can be set from fractional value as low as 0.1 to 40.
    fixedLot - by default to MODE_MINLOT of the broker.
    stopWeekendMinutes - Minutes just before market closes for weekend.

    For Example Market
    Closes at 23:00 hours

    then EA can be shutdown
    at Hour 22:50 by specifying (22 * 60 )+50 minutes.

    maxAllowedSpread - Allowed Spread by default 1.5 pips
    magicNum - Any integer value that user want
    OrdCommnets - Any String value that user want to comment on Orders placed by this EA.

    Please see the screen shot attached to see default settings.

    breakoutscalper-screen-3058.jpg breakoutscalper-screen-8539.jpg breakoutscalper-screen-7320.jpg breakoutscalper-screen-5881.jpg breakoutscalper-screen-2603.jpg

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