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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by Emma McNeill, Oct 8, 2020.

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    The Expert Advisor is designed for trading binary options automatically in the МТ4 terminal.

    Using a set of indicators built into the EA and the martingale system, you can highly customize the trade parameters of the EA according to your trading system. For example: using the RSI, ParabolicSAR, Hama System and MA indicators together, the EA is able to determine the market entry points more accurately. Martingale helps the EA transfer an unprofitable trade into profit. It is activated only if the last trade closed at a loss.

    In order to facilitate customization of the EA parameters for trading, they are divided into groups.

    • The first group of parameters.
      • EA Magic Number - identifier of the EA
      • EA Comment - comment of the EA, displayed in the top left corner
      • Amount - deal volume
      • Expiry - deal expiration time, possible options: 1 Minute, 2 Minutes, 5 Minutes, 10 Minutes, 15 Minutes, 30 Minutes, 1 Hour, 4 Hours, 1 Day
    • The second group of parameters. (Martingale)
      • No Martingale, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 - the maximum number of subsequent trades, in which the initial volume is multiplied by the "Martingale Factor". No Martingale - no martingale, from 1 to 9 the number of martingale steps starting fron the losing trade to apply the Martingale Factor. If the loss is not covered in the specified number of steps, the system will return the trade volume to the initial value and the martingale cycle will start anew.
      • Martingale Factor - Martingale multiplier
    • The third group of parameters.
      • Trading Days - the days of the week the EA is allowed to trade, two options are available: trade all days of the week - all days, or manually select the days to trade below - Manual selection of each trading day
      • Monday - trade on Monday Yes|No
      • Tuesday - trade on Tuesday Yes|No
      • Wednesday - trade on Wednesday Yes|No
      • Thursday - trade on Thursday Yes|No
      • Friday - trade on Friday Yes|No
      • Saturday - trade on Saturday Yes|No
      • Sunday - trade on Sunday Yes|No
      • Trading Times Start - trading start time
      • Trading Times Stop - trading end time
    • The fourth group of parameters.
      • Use Hama System - use the Hama System indicator (Yes|No) to determine the trend direction, the blue area of the indicator is a buy signal, when the price is in the red area, it is a sell signal
    • The fifth group of parameters.
      • Use Consecutive Candles yes/no - use groups of consecutive candles (Yes|No) to determine the trend direction
      • Number of Candles - the number of consecutive candles. If the number of consecutive bullish candles reaches this number, the EA opens a sell trade, if the number of consecutive bearish candles reaches this number, the EA opens a buy trade
    • The sixth group of parameters.
      • Use RSI confirmation - use the RSI indicator (Yes|No) to determine the trend direction
      • RSI Overbought Level - RSI overbought level. If the value of RSI exceeds this value, it will be a buy signal for the EA
      • RSI Oversold Level - RSI oversold level. If the value of RSI exceeds this value, it will be a sell signal for the EA
    • The seventh group of parameters.
      • Use MA confirmation yes/no - use the MA indicator Yes|No) to determine the trend direction: price above the indicator value - sell, price below the indicator value - buy
      • MA type - type of the moving average
      • MA period - period of the moving average
    • The eighth group of parameters.
      • Use Parabolic SAR confirmation yes/no - use the Parabolic SAR indicator (Yes|No). If the number of consecutive bullish candles are formed above the indicator values - sell, if the required number of consecutive bearish candles are below the indicator values - buy
      • SAR step - SAR step
      • SAR maximum - SAR maximum



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