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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY


Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 10, 2020.

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    This is a hedging EA based on the efficient hedging strategy. It enters trades in the direction of a momentum using Parabolic SAR. The product works on any timeframe with any currency pair. It is based on the efficient hedging technique. The trading robot opens a hedge sequence with a 40 pips distance between orders and an 80 pips SL.

    This hedging EA is meant for medium risk trading with consistent return. It is a grid trading system based on hedging and is fully automated requiring little monitoring. It is fully optimized for use on EURUSD H1, $500 balance at 1:500 leverage. It is also advisable to trade this EA with the balance in multiples of 5, 500, 5 000 and 50 000.

    If you have $50, then use it on a cent account. In addition to EURUSD trading, it can also be used on any currency pair, but a user must first optimize the parameters.

    This EA works well with AUDUSD because of the low ranging of the pair.

    The golden rule of this EA is to withdraw every $100 of profit from a $500 account, and restart the EA after a withdrawal. The EA is coded not to lose up to 50% of any account.

    The normal technique uses 30 as a TP and 60 as a hedge range, but here the TP is 40 with 80 as the hedge range obeying the ratio equal to 1:2.

    It can be optimized using time periods and days of the week. The EA will only do 6 hedge levels on a $5 000 account so it does not wipe out a user account, but if you have a very large account, it will go higher and if you have a much larger account, you can increase hedge levels and add more lots. If you wish to use the EA on other pairs, use it with $50 000 balance with the default parameters. The EA is very stable with that amount and you can optimize it for any pair.


    The EA comes with the customizable parameters for hedging:

    • lot 1, lot 2, lot 3... - these are the lot sizes in the hedge starting from the first trade to the last trade
    • base lot - when you set base lot to 1.0, there will be no difference between the lot size opened and what is set manually
    • The EA has the news filter to avoid trading in periods of news releases
    • avoid major news: true/false
    • avoid news: true/false
    • All lot sizes are custom set instead of using lot multiplier
    • lot sizes - decimal points can be shifted with this function

    Trade with $1 000 account with the base lot of 0.1.

    Or $5 000 account with the base lot of 1.0.

    Optimize by timeframes and days of the week.

    beginner-hedge-screen-1140.PNG beginner-hedge-screen-8825.PNG beginner-hedge-screen-2755.PNG beginner-hedge-screen-6220.PNG


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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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