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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY


Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 28, 2020.

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    Batman EA is a very simple expert system that works with ZigZag Indicator and using breakout strategy. It only opens trade when market actually
    breakout. It opens maximum 2 trades (1 buy and 1 sell if one of those does not close). It is very easy to use, does not need any complicated
    settings, just add it to a chart and it will run like clockwork for you. You can trade or test it on XAUUSD because we created this EA for this
    pair, but you can also trade or test FX, or any other currency pairs with changing parameters in order to get best result as you like. It is
    desirable to make backtest and demo test before running it on a real account.

    Batman EA uses no martingale, no hedging, no grid. It always uses stop loss to protect your money. We created and developed Batman EA to work on H1
    charts, also it trade best on XAUUSD. It is recommended to use a low spread broker and a VPS. 1:100 leverage or more is good. If you have a micro
    account, you can start using it with $20 only (Spead 16-36). Recommended time frame: H1

    For Customers

    Please send the author a private message to get support or help, or anything else.

    Important Parameters. Please don't change them until you know what you do.


    • Pairs: XAUUSD
    • Time Frame H1
    • Risk: 2(%) Lotsize =2% * Equity/100
    • Lotvar: 1: Autolot and Lotvar=0, Lot = FixLot.
    • Breakeven: 1000
    • MinProfit: 500
    • Trailing stop: 1000 When profit is equal 100 it will begin to trail.
    • StopLoss: 3000
    • Take Profit: 0
    • MaxSpread:20, if Spread widen more than 20, EA delete pending trades and no put pending trades
    • RollBack: 1000, when Rate returns 1000 (1usd) from High or Low of ZigZag, EA will open pending trades
    • ZigZag: 18
    • Indent: Distance of High/Low of ZigZag and Order Open Price: 0 (default), eg 500: High of ZigZag is 1190.00, EA
      will open buy stop at 1190.50
    • EndHourofEndweek: 23 When Server time is >=23:00 on Friday, EA will delete all pending orders.

    15/08/2019 upgrade Batman (Version 4.0):

    - Add “ EAName”

    - Delete BU because no need. BUlevel>0 means BreakEven Active

    - Delete UseTrailing because no need. TrailingStop>0 means UseTrailing Active

    - Risk does not belong to Stoploss. Risk=1 means with 100 usd ballance, Lot = 0.01

    - Add “Use_SmartTakeProfit”=True/False

    - Add “SmartTakeProfit”=5 means SmartTakeProfit ($5/0.01): Auto closing

    - Add “Use_Max_DrawDown”=True/False

    - Add “Max_DrawDown”=10 means Loss = 10(%)*Ballance: Auto closing

    - Fixed OrderSend error

    - Fixed OrderModify (Trailing and BreakEven)

    - Especially, manual trading and other EAs are not effected by this EA.

    31/01/2020 upgrade Batman (Version 7.0):

    Do not delete pending orders every day but delete in the end of week.

    Deleting "StartHour", 'EndHour"

    Adding "EndHourofEndWeek": After this time of Friday, EA will delete all pending orders
    Fix error of trailing and
    Add MA and RSI to close trades suddenly to decrease risk.
    Open more trade when breakout

    03/02/2020 upgrade Batman (Version 8.0):

    Fix error of deleting pending trades after "EndHourOfEndWeek" of Friday instead of Saturday (Version 7.0)
    EndHourofEndWeek=23 means that after 23:00 on Friday instead of Saturday EA deletes all pending orders.

    08/02/2020 upgrade Batman (Version 9.0):

    Fixed error of opening and closing trade immediately.

    09/02/2020 upgrade Batman (Version 10.0):

    Version 9.0: EndHourofEndWeek=10 means EA trades before 10 am everyday
    Version 10.0: EndHourofEndWeek=10 means EA trades
    everyday and before 10 am on Friday

    24/03/2020 upgrade Batman (Version 12.0):

    - Removed RSI and MA out of EA
    - Test every minute instead of every hour
    - Put pending orders at Lowest and Highest
    - Fixed all bugs

    24/03/2020 upgrade Batman (Version 20)

    Fixed error of deleting pending orders if Market Spread > Maxspread

    23/05/2020 upgrade Batman(Version 21)

    - Change way of opening orders as Batman 3.4
    - Add SmartTakeProfit= % of Account: Close instead of SmartTakeProfit * Lot/ 0.01
    Add SmartStopLoss = % of Account: Close all pairs instead of Close symbol.

    batman-screen-5950.png batman-screen-9700.png


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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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