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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY


Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 6, 2020.

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    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ AW Double Grids EA Trading Advisor is an aggressive, fully automated grid advisor with an information and trading panel as well as a simple
    input settings. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    How does the adviser trade:

    • The EA starts trading by opening two multidirectional orders. After closing a profitable order, the EA again opens two orders,
      multiplying the volume for the open direction. If there are open orders, the EA changes TakeProfit in points. TakeProfit is dynamic and
      is regulated depending on the number of open orders in the opposite direction.
    • Additionally, opening grids of orders also has a dynamic step that varies depending on the number of open orders in the current direction.
    Input settings:

    MAIN SETTINGS - Section containing the basic settings of the adviser strategy. It contains variables that determine
    when recovery will begin and which orders will be processed.

    • Size of the first order - A variable that determines the size of the first order.
    • Orders Magic number - The main identifier of orders of the adviser. It is used primarily for identifying orders.
    • Comments of the EA's orders - Commentary of orders opened by the adviser.
    • Allow to open OP_BUY orders - A variable that allows you to choose whether to enable or disable the advisor's ability to
      open orders of the BUY type.
    • Allow to open OP_SELL orders - A variable that allows you to choose whether to enable or disable the EA's ability to open
      orders of the SELL type.
    • Allow to open new orders after close - Ability to allow opening orders after closing previous ones. At the end of
      trading, you can disable this function and then the adviser will not be able to open new orders, after closing the previous ones.
    • Show panel of advisor - The ability to display or hide the advisor panel.
    PROTECTION SETTINGS - A section containing various protective functions.

    • Maximum slippage in points - Maximum slippage in points for opening and closing orders.
    • Maximum spread in points - Maximum allowed spread for opening orders. Measured in points.
    • Maximum size of orders - The maximum volume for one order. It is measured in lots.
    • Maximum size number of orders - The maximum allowable number of orders of the same type.
    GRIDS SETTINGS - Section containing the settings of the advisor grids.

    • Multiplier for size of orders - Multiplier for orders. Each subsequent order opened by the adviser in the order grid will
      be greater than the previous one by a given coefficient.
    • Step for grids - A variable that controls the step between orders, measured in points.
    TAKE PROFIT SETTINGS - A section containing TekeProfit settings.

    • Size of Virtual TakeProfit (in Points) - The size of the deposit in points. It is considered for the current group of
      orders from the breakeven price.
    • Increase TPForEachOrder - Increase take profit coefficient for each subsequent order in the opposite

      Increase TPForEachOrder - the variable regulates TP according to the number of orders in another direction. Since
      subsequent orders are opened at closing times, a dynamic TP is an important element of Money Management. The TP of the order group is
      equal to the TP in points + the number of orders in the opposite direction * Increase TP for each order (Increase TPForEachOrder).
      For example, TP is 100, and an increase for each order = 10. For the first order to buy TP, it will be 100, for the second 110, for the
      third 120 and so on as the basket of OP_CELL orders increases.



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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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