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Discussion in 'Forex experts advisors robots MT4' started by Hadi Shahh, Aug 6, 2020.

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    Expert advisor Cs Auto V2 Ea Unlimited

    End of Semi Auto Trading & Start of Full Auto Version !
    • Hello Traders ...
    • Today, I have new news ...
    • After 4 months and a half of continuously posting weekly detailed statement for my real trading account, results show that during this period that I made a profit of 1284% with an average monthly profit of 285% and safe low draw down not exceed than 20%.
    • As everyone at this moment supposed to be much confident that CS EA is one of the most powerful EAs in the market, and because many old clients and blog visitors asking me that they are waiting the auto version of this robot, and also, because semi auto trading is destructing my research and development for the auto version, so, I decided to stop trading on this EA and withdraw the profit to an other live accounts for may be live testing the auto version or may be use them in other full auto EA I made in the past to release some of work pressure and get more free time to work on the auto version.
    • The following screenshot is taken from my live trading account for amounts withdrawn from it and transferred to new opened accounts while the second one show first result for CS Auto Version on Demo account.
    • Result is very promising ... I wish everything will go smooth and no new obstacles will show up ...
    • So, keep tuning and wait the good news to come shortly ...
    Good luck to all


    1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png

    • As you see from the above results, the profit is going up in crazy way.
    • I use 30 lots ... If used 1 lot then the profit should be about $4,550 which is equivalent to about 450 pips in few hours.
    • Why I have such profit with no single one order in the wrong direction ?
    • It is simply because the EA is using it's own algorithm to detect the right direction based on the whole market currency strengths and open orders automatically.

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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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