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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 3, 2020.

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    ADVANCED SCALPER - ESSENTIAL EDITION takes the best from MQL5's Bestseller "Advanced Scalper".
    It has already a proven live track record since 2016!
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    Advanced Scalper 'Essential Edition' is a very simple and easy to use EA. There are no parameters to configure, just run the EA on EURUSD H1 and/or USDJPY H4, select your risk, and the EA will do the rest.
    This EA takes only the best configurations from the original Advanced Scalper, which have already proven to be succesful since 2016 on multiple live accounts.
    For EURUSD H1, there are 2 different setups possible, which can be easily selected from a dropdown menu:

    • EURUSD H1 SET 1 (SL=50)
    • EURUSD H1 SET 2 (SL=14)
    Both sets will have different performance, but they work very well together (on 2 seperate EURUSD H1 charts)
    There is also a preset for USDJPY H4 available.
    The recommended setup, is running 2 EURUSD H1 charts (with the 2 different setups) and 1 USDJPY H4 chart (with the USDJPY setup).

    The EA can run on very small accounts, starting at 50$.
    A ECN broker with low spread and low commission is advised.

    Main Characteristics of the EA
    • Strict use of stoploss on every trade
    • very advanced SL-management
    • spread filter to avoid trading during bad market conditions
    • slippage control algorithm, to avoid bigger losses during heavy slippage
    • fully automatic mode, with adjustable entries
    • exit-strategy can be used on any manual trade(s) or on trades from other EA's
    • survives strict high quality backtests, with real variable spreads, commission and random slippage at 99% tickquality
    • Proven live results on "high balance" accounts and with several different brokers.
    Parameter Overview
    • Maximum Spread: Set the maximum spread allowed for trading
    • Select Settings: Here you can select which setup to use (between 2 eurusd H1 setups, or the usdjpy H4 setup)
    • Use Virtual SL: Here you can enable a virtual stoploss (hidden stoploss)
    • Magicnumber: Here you can set the magicnumber (choose different for each setup!)
    • Comment for trades: here you can set the comment of the trades
    • Lotsize Calculation: here you can select the lotsize Calculation method (manual or automatic)
    • Manual lotsize / Minimum lotsize: here you can set the lotsize when selecting "manual lotsize". This value will also be used as 'minimum lotsize' when using an automated lotsize setup
    • Balance per 0.01lots: here you can set the portion of balance linked to 0.01lots. So for example, if you set it to "100", the EA will 0.01lots for every 100$ in your account. So if your accountsize is 500$, the EA would use 0.05lots.
    • aggressive recovery: when enabled, the EA will not decrease lotsize when in drawdown
    Recommended Lotsize Setup
    • It is recommended to use the "Balance per 0.01lots"
    • Low Risk: Balance Per 0.01Lots=100
    • Medium Risk: Balance Per 0.01lots=60
    • High Risk: Balance Per 0.01lots=30
    • It is recommended to use the same lotsize setup for eurusd and usdjpy
    Never forget that past performance is no guarantee for the future

    advanced-scalper-essential-edition-screen-5108.png advanced-scalper-essential-edition-screen-2309.png advanced-scalper-essential-edition-screen-3779.png


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