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Discussion in 'Business Tips and Ideas' started by Ryan Miller, Sep 12, 2020.

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    Decision Making Diploma

    Every organization’s achievements indicate the power and efficiency of its decision-making process. Every decision-maker should take a step back to learn from their past decisions. Taking a step back will help them to recognize their drawbacks and rectify the careless mistakes. A team work is essential for good-decision-making process. One can make best decision when he has a broad awareness about himself and his company. Similarly, the ability to perceive things from all angles increases the quality of decision. There are certain invisible forces involved in the process of decision-making. Lack of understanding about these factors will lead to an ineffective decision.

    In this modern era, many changes have been faced by the business world. The business environment has become uncertain and complex. Moreover, every organization has to state its vision statement which articulates its service to society and the world and the reason for the existence of the company. The reconstruction of the definition of every organization’s role to the community emphasizes on the importance of building trust with its staffs and clients. The focus of every decision-maker is to utilize all the resources creatively.

    Decision-making Diploma course offers a chance to learn all the aspects of decision-making process. This course comprises of ten units which discuss an overall idea about the process of decision-making, the relevance of good decisions, the kinds of decision making, decision-making approaches, invisible forces involved in decision-making, vision statement and the relationship between goals and decision-making.

    One of the other important focuses of this course material is the awareness about intuitive decision-making. Organizations are institutions where decisions are taken on a daily basis. In day -to –day decision-making process, intuition is very important. Lack of empathy will act as an obstacle for our intuition to function. Intuition is not fear. It is not an emotion, but it includes emotion. This course discusses the difference between rational decision-making and intuitive decision-making.

    Traditional decision making approaches and innovative decision making approaches are entirely different. Innovative decision making process addresses many issues and is much more effective. The old decision-making approaches were based on only one perspective. New approaches embrace all perspectives and involve employee participation too.

    Decision-making diploma is very helpful to all business men who have to take great decisions. A flaw in the decision-making process can adversely affect the company goals. Better results come with better decisions. There are many procedures involved in the process of decision-making. Tackling these procedures will make you a good and successful decision maker.


    Unit-1 Big-Picture Pressures on Decision-Makers

    Unit-2 The Key Ingredients for Effective Decisions

    Unit-3 Company Culture and Decision-Making

    Unit-4 Growing Your Business by Growing Yourself

    Unit-5 Raising Self- and Organizational Awareness for Better Decisions

    Unit-6 Learning from Mistakes and Unintended Consequences

    Unit-7 Understanding Intuitive Decision-Making

    Unit-8 Laying the Groundwork for All Decisions

    Unit-9 The Nitty-Gritty: Walking through the Decision-Making Process

    Unit-10 Tackling Various Types of Business Decisions

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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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