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REGISTER PARTICIPANTS A - Z Guide To Trade Forex Fundamental Analysis (2020)

Discussion in 'Forex Video training courses' started by James Goldman, Aug 7, 2020.

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    Unlock The SECRETS That Most Forex Traders Don't Know and Have & Be Profitable Trading Fundamentals + 3 Ebooks GIFTS!


    What you'll learn
    • Learn the differences and similarities of technical and fundamental traders in forex
    • Master the role of central banks monetary policy that they use to control the interest rates of domestic currencies and to affect investors decisions
    • Master the key four monetary policy indicators such as GBP, Inflation, Unemployment & Spending, and how they affect the market
    • Master the economic news releases and know the pips they move, and how to interpret their effect on the market
    • Master the key influential people and organisation e.g FED, ECB exec's, Trump etc. and how they affect the market
    • Understand what happens in the market during times of uncertainty like rumors of wars, tariffs, political changes, demographic disasters etc. and how they affect the investors decisions in the market!
    • Master the EDGE that is used by big banks to always stay winning by combining fundamentals with technicals
    • Master the Commitment of Traders Report and it's impact on the market
    • Master how pairs move in different seasons within the year like EUR/USD during January Effect etc.
    • A basic computer/laptop and internet connection
    • Basic knowledge or experience of the Forex market
    • An Open mind, willingness and desire to learn
    • Passionate about forex trading and committed to put in the hours!

    Does the following define you?
    If this is You then this training is for You, and you have come at the great place !
    Hello there, My name is Thembelani Tim Shozi. I am head trader at "Educated Trader (edtrader)". And I have been trading forex for the past 4 years. Honestly speaking, I have learnt alot from this venture and my view of the market is simply summarised by this saying “Keep it simple and always do what is probable, it’s all in the numbers”. You see everyone is looking for a holy grail trading system or the next new hot strategy but people don't realise that trading forex is more psychological than mechanical. And in this game, the key to success is to master how BANKS trade forex because these are the real market movers.
    In addition, I specialise in deep market understanding and having been trained by a former professional bank trader. I'm super excited to share with you on this training some SECRETS in this training concerning the following items:
    Lastly, your experience in this training is our reality, so we pride ourselves to provide the best training possible under this sector. And to ensure that this happens, I have decided to attach the following 3 Additional Ebooks. This is done to ensure that you are equipped with all the necessities and skills to make your trading journey worthwhile. And the shared material is as follows:
    Additional Giveaway Ebooks:
    1) Why 95% Forex Traders Lose Money (This is very special!)
    2) Who Move The Market? (This one will blow your mind!) - SECRETS REVEALED !!!
    3) How To Exponentially Grow Your Forex Account (This is simplicity at it best cause!)
    I hope you'll enjoy this training. And we shall see you inside!
    Cheers, Tim


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