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Discussion in 'Forex Video training courses' started by James Goldman, Aug 7, 2020.

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    Learn how to trade the EUR/USD currency pair and safely make consistent profits in chunks everyday


    What you'll learn
    • How to make continuous profits everyday with techniques in this course Hassle Free.
    • How to make use of proper financial analysis before executing any trade
    • How to Setup a demo and live trading account with Meta Trader 5(Same Application to Meta Trader 4).
    • An Android, IOS, Windows or Mac device and Internet Connection is all you need.
    • You do not need any background knowledge in Finance or Trading.

    Note: This Course is not for impatient people. This Course is for people who are willing to spend time growing there wealth over periods of time till they achieve Financial Freedom(Yep!! with the techniques you'll learn in this course, Its very possible). Please look deep within yourself, if you do not fall into this category, please do not take this course. Thank You.
    Now lets take a case study, Imagine you start out with $200 in your Trading account, Based on Volatility of the EUR/USD and some other techniques we will discuss in this course you are able to net in 15 Successful Trades of $1 profit each per day, that's $15 per day. It would take approximately 13 days to hit $200 profit(That's Doubling your amount). That extra $200 is an indicator that you can increase your profits per day by $1 per trade($2 per trade total/$30 per day). When you hit another $200 in 6 days, you can increase it by another $1($3 per trade total/$45 per day). Its not rocket science that the amount or value of units of the EUR/USD you invest in is directly proportional to the profit you'll make from each trade.
    With this progression in place, it will get to a time where you start hitting $200 everyday. This is the kind of trading technique and mindset I will grant you in this course.
    Here are some of the things we will do in this course:
    - We will make use of proper financial guidance from experts before executing any trade.
    - We will consult Technical Analysis from sites or apps Investing.
    - We will set up a demo account on Admiral Markets(I'll Explain why in the course) on MetaTrader 5.
    - There are many good forex brokers out there, with very low commission. In this course I share one of my personal favourites which I am currently and also includes a handy negative balance and price action protection mechanism.
    Also know that if this course does not work for you based on the techniques that I will teach(Which honestly is very unlikely), you can ask for a refund(30-day window) and Udemy will pay you back without haste. With that being said, I'm very sure that this course will take you to financial freedom given you follow the rules.
    So are you ready? Enroll now using the "Buy " Button on this page and lets start analyzing and trading.


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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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