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Discussion in 'Business Internet marketing' started by Emma McNeill, Aug 13, 2020.

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    #Business Learn everything you need to know about Apple Search Ads. No prior Apple Search Ads experience needed


    • Apple Developer Account

    Want to learn how to get into Apple Search Ads?
    This course is designed for someone who has never used Apple Search Ads before or wants to build their fundamentals and learn some helpful tips.
    I believe that the small details sometimes make the big difference, I tried to make this course no fluff and very content oriented. The lectures are short and to the point.
    You will Learn:
    - Why you should be on Apple Search Ads for requiring Users
    - How to get better quality users at a cheaper price
    - Step by Step how to set up Apple Search Ads Basic
    - Step by Step how to set up Apple Search Ads Advance
    - What is the meaning of terms used in Apple Search Ads
    - How to set up a campaign
    - How to set up Ad Groups
    - How to create and understand reports and optimize four campaign.
    - Experience tricks in using Apple Search Ads
    - Advance Apple Search Ads techniques
    Go through the course once, then use it as a reference guide for terms and advance tactics
    Some other things you will learn in this course
    - What is exact match
    - what is broad match
    - what is search matches
    - what is Tap-Through Rate
    - what is Cost Per Tap
    - What type of keywords to target
    - Why taps matter
    - How Apple Search Ads works with Demogrpahics
    - How Apple Search Ads works with relevance
    - The impact of Apple Search Ads on ASO
    - What factors Apple looks at when setting price for CPA
    - How you should handle your budget
    - How to invite users
    - How to upload 1,000 keywords at a single time
    - What plugin to use to help
    - How market price is set in User Acquisition.
    This course is designed for:
    - Someone who is new to Apple Search Ads.
    - Someone who has used other paid User Acquisition (like Facebook and Google) and looking for acquiring cheaper users.
    - Someone with experience, however wants to optimize Apple Search Ads better
    - Someone looking for new users to there Apple App Store App
    - This is NOT for someone who has lots of experience with Apple Search Ads and is a expert at using it. They may learn a thing or 2 from my experience.
    Why Did I Make This Course?
    I notice there was no Apple Search Ads course on the market so I decided to create one. I am not a course creator (creating this course was fun), I am a experiences app business entrepreneur. Therefore you will get some great hands on experience. Love the course, rate is 5 stars, dont like something, do message me, thank you.
    Who am I?
    My experience, since starting making apps in 2012, includes the creation of over 600 games which have brought in over 7 million organic installs. I have also successfully sold apps. This has all lead to running a very successful 6 figure app business.
    I like to learn from people who are experienced. So I would do the same. I still have a long ways to go and have a lot to learn, I am always learning.
    Thank you for your interest, I look forward to connecting with you in the course and excited to see what you can do with Apple Search Ads.


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