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Trade Forex with a Major Player!

  1. Ryan Miller
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    Finding a major player and make money on Forex 100% per month!

    Hello. My name is Anton. I have been trading Forex for 5 years already, I myself started trading Forex from scratch, knowing nothing. As time went on, over the years I tried 10 strategies and algorithms, reviewed hundreds of different videos - it turned out that the best teacher is this story, thanks to her I found my strategy.

    My strategy allows you to simply and clearly analyze the market and find a major player, without dozens of indicators, volumes and other nonsense ... Only a pristine chart.

    My training in Forex trading is different from training in a dealing center, since I am not interested in draining your deposit.
    Of course, like everyone else had plums in the first year, I lost about $ 800. But time and perseverance give their own, the first year is in the red, the second is plus minus, the third came out in plus and stopped going to work.

    Over these 3 years I have put in a lot of work:

    Trade journal (allows you to analyze trader statistics)
    Convenient forex calendar (follows forex news) - all this is free!
    Plus, I wrote a sea of indicators and robots: the color volume of the bar, the day of the week, etc., you can get acquainted in the section my developments (For all trained indicators, the indicators are free).
    So a lot of work was invested. All this together gave a concrete result in the form of a stable growth of the deposit. I am ready to share my experience and knowledge with you.

    My strategy

    For several years now I have not been looking for anything and have not been running from strategy to strategy. I have my own understanding of the market, without any indicators, volumes and other heresies.

    You have to call things in your own words. There are buyers and sellers in the market, when a big player comes to the market he leaves traces. I will teach you how to find the players who rule the markets in order to know which side to trade.

    If sellers are at the helm, we sell; if buyers, then we buy. Everything is elementary. In addition to searching for large pieces, we also look at the correlation of currency pairs. We are looking for strong and weak currency pairs. My strategy works on all timeframes M5, M30, H4 and of course D1.

    After completing the course on my TS, all students begin to see major players, they can easily determine where the rollback will be and where the reversal will be. They come to understand other market patterns.

    More about the strategy

    Basically, I personally trade only liquid currency pairs EUR / USD, GBP / USD, etc. (since they are more technical, it is easier to find a buyer or seller). Takeproft - from 500 pips and more per trade. One or two trades a day.

    I use the power of currency pairs, plus those analysis to identify a major player. According to this strategy, I also work in the long term.

    I used to trade only aggressively. I made a lot of deals during the day using the strategy. I overclocked the deposit from 100% per day to 1000% per week, since the system allowed it to work like that. Below are detailed statements of statements. (Scroll down to the bottom to see the full trading history).


    Having studied my strategy, you will learn to trade competently and highly profitable!
    • You will be able to read the market and will literally lay it out "brick by brick" - the constituent elements;
    • Learn how the market turns. You will understand where there is strength in motion, and where it is not;
    • Learn to identify the presence of a major player in the moment;
    • You will see the "traces" of market makers on the market and on the basis of this you will understand how to always be in the driving force of the market (trend) together with "Smart Money";
    • You will learn how to find the most accurate trade entries literally at a price reversal;
    • You will have a powerful trading strategy that allows you to earn up to 1000 points (4-digit quotes) per month and more!
    • Stop being afraid of the market and uncertainty, as the market will become a simple and understandable mechanism for you;
    • Learn to calmly and consistently squeeze the maximum profit from the market! You can make trading your main or additional source of income, bringing in several thousand dollars of $$$ every month!
    To assimilate information for you to be of the highest quality, understandable and convenient, the course is composed of recording training materials:

    1) Group coaching on my strategy;

    2) As well as Individual coaching with a student;

    This is an ideal training option, because after studying the course, you will not only gain knowledge of my strategy, but will also be in the "role" of the training participants.

    You will see all the questions that the students have and hear my answers and explanations to them!

    Thanks to the Forex market, I have found real freedom, independence and a good source of income. I haven’t worked for anyone for a long time, but I make money by trading from anywhere in the world where there is Internet ...

    I am now not afraid of crises and cataclysms. As long as the current financial system, markets and exchanges exist, I will make money without worrying about my future.

    If you want to finally start making stable money on Forex, then my strategy will help you with this.
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