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SUPER PRICE Торговая система Raptor 2.0 - более 150% ПРИБЫЛИ на Форекс в месяц! 2

Raptor 2.0 Trading System - More than 150% PROFIT per month on Forex!

  1. Ryan Miller
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    Do you want to learn how to trade Forex profitably?

    "Do you want to earn over 600 pips a MONTH on just one pair?"

    ... using just one simple strategy!

    Do you trade Forex? Can't make a profit?
    You would like to start making money, but how?
    Let's think about why the bulk of newbie traders always, sooner or later, completely drain their accounts?
    Everything is very simple - they do not have a definite scheme of actions. They look at the price chart, at useless indicators, try to guess the further movement, open trades at random ...
    You don't need to be able to predict the future in order to understand how it will end.
    Do you recognize yourself? It seems like it's time for you to completely change your trading style!

    You probably tried to look for that very magic system and found hundreds of sellers promising you millions, but in the end you received a low quality product and, as a result, again drained your entire account ...

    You've probably even tried to study the theory of trading, but drowned in thousands of articles, hundreds of indicators and dozens of strategies ...

    What if I show you a trading strategy that is extremely easy to use, time-tested and brings good profit?

    Take a look at my trading results: (the inputs are absolutely real, you can check them on history!)


    + $ 5,238.49 in just 3 months of trading! (just one pair, lot 0.30, initial deposit $ 1,000, that is, net profit over 524%!)

    I got these amazing results trading this very simple strategy based on just a few indicators!

    You can get the same great results! But first things first...

    The ideal Forex strategy should be simple and profitable, because as you know, "Everything ingenious is simple" ...

    This is the system I want to offer you!

    Please note, there are no pictures on this page with huge yachts, expensive cars and heaps of money, all because I want to offer you a really working system for profitable Forex trading, and not just another useless indicator or advisor ...

    What's inside this unique kit:
    • All necessary indicators and a ready-made template
    • Installation instructions for MT4 terminal
    • Detailed description of the system and settings
    • Examples of system inputs on a real chart
    • My recommendations for trading the news
    • Recommendations for using support and resistance levels
    • Bonus: indicator of candlestick patterns for filtering signals
    • Bonus: indicator for VSA analysis and description of its signals
    • Links to useful resources on the Internet
    • Exclusive discounts on our other strategies!
    • and much more!
    You will have everything you need to start successful trading! You just download all the necessary indicators (or use a ready-made template) and start earning!

    The system is very flexible:
    • Intraday strategy
    • Suitable currency pairs: any, but preferably majors - EUR / USD, GBP / USD, USD / JPY, USD / CAD, AUD / USD and other pairs with the US dollar
    • Suitable timeframes: М15, М30, Н1, Н4
    • Trade type: moderate
    Probably difficult? Not at all! Let's see how easy it is ...

    What are the signals for this system?

    This strategy, due to its clarity and informational content, is surprisingly easy to use and can be used by both an experienced trader and a beginner!

    Let's look at the real price chart, where I marked the entry points for this system:

    + 68 points for April 28!

    + 40 points for May 6!

    + 75 points for May 16!

    Do not forget that the strategy comes with detailed instructions for determining entry and exit points.

    What we end up with:
    • You will know where and when to close deals
    • Find entry and exit points
    • You will have a clear plan of action for trading
    • You will finally be making a profit!
    All you need to do is just follow the changes in the indicator readings and enter the market in time!
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