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EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT SV Pull Push Advisor (Open Source) V5

The Expert Advisor perfectly trades on standard accounts, as well as on cent accounts.

  1. Roland Verde
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    SV Pull Push Provided in open source (mql5)

    The Expert Advisor was developed for investment companies which prioritize reliability, stability of profit and minimal risk. During the whole trading history drawdown was not more than 11%.


    During a day advisor can make from 500 to 2000 and more trades. When opening several orders the expert advisor calculates a planned profit, and as soon as it reaches the necessary profit, all orders are closed and trading starts from the beginning.
    There is no Martingale, trade with one lot size.

    On a day, the Expert Advisor can earn up to 10% and more + up to 1.5% for the spread refund.
    The Expert Advisor perfectly trades on standard, as well as on cent accounts with a minimum deposit of $100.

    Advantages of the advisor:
    • The adviser is designed for the platform MetaTreder-5, which gives huge advantages because all orders are set in the market then there is no slippage, the news is great adviser both exposes and closes orders.
    • Trading is done around the clock, all 24 hours, regardless of news, surges and drawdowns. The Expert Advisor opens an order always with the same size, there is no Martingale method. The Expert Advisor is easy to set up, even a beginner will understand it.
    • The adviser can do a lot of transactions from 500 to 2000, which is advantageous for those who has a return of a part of spread.
    • Minimal deposit from 100$ (cent account)
    • Trade both currencies and futures.
    • The adviser trades with a minimum lot 0.01 for currency and 1 lot for futures.
    • Setting of direction to enter a position, buy or sell.
    • Set date and time for Futures trading (start and finish).
    • Dynamic profit calculation based on the number of open orders.
    • Dynamic calculation of the step for the next order.
    • Shows the level of profit for the current day and for the whole period.
    • Shows the number of trades made today and for the whole period, good for spread rebate calculation)
    • The Expert Advisor can trade one pair or manage the profit of several pairs at once.

    Maximum drawdown of the deposit is -11.70%.
    Totally more than 31 545 trades

    Account requirements:
    MT5 terminal
    No hedging or Netting
    Leverage from 1:200 and up preferably 1:500
    Stop Out - no more than 20%
    Minimal order volume (lots) 0,01
    Minimal step of the order volume 0,01
    Advanced quoting
    (4 digits, 5 decimal places recommended)
    Maximum order volume (lots) 100 and more
    The maximal amount of positions for standard account is unlimited, for cent account 200 and more.
    Not to use bonuses, they often are not taken into account at a drawdown and Stop Out calculation, as well as the broker has the right to remove them without warning.
    Recommended account with a fixed or zero spread (Pro, ECN, NDD)
    To begin with we recommend the cent account, which works perfectly as well as the standard one.
    The minimum deposit is 100$ for cent account, 1000$ for standard account, the minimum lot 0,01 lot.
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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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