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Precis EA, #PrecisEA

  1. Roland Verde
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    Seller Quoted :

    "Hi friends. Since I began to publish the results of a new EA, many of you began to write me a personal message with a request to sell a new EA. OK. Make the release.
    I called it Precis EA. To talk in detail about his impressive results I do not need, you saw it in real time here in the group. Who has not seen, can see in the chat history above.
    And so...
    Precis EA. Price of$ 350. Only 10 copies available (collected group of buyers as before)
    Minimum balance of 2000. Can 1000, but I recommend 2000.
    Works with one window, with minimum 2 pairs, maximum of 7 couples. All settings and details I will provide upon purchase.
    To purchase please contact personal messages.

    Price: 350$
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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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