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SALE New indicator for binary options 2020-12-24

New ASK indicator for binary options

  1. Ryan Miller
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    New indicator for binary options from the creator of AGATA

    Author - A. Mirny:
    Hello everyone. The best arrow indicator from our team is coming out very soon.
    Why the ACK indicator is the ideal indicator for binary options:
    • Winrate about 82%
    • Stably multiplies the deposit even in such a chaotic market as at the moment
    • Very easy to use, does not require individual settings
    • Suitable for trading at any time
    • Quite frequent signals and accurate signals.
    The indicator is already completely ready, has been tested on real accounts and will be released soon.
    At the moment, this is the best arrow indicator from our team, completely independent and does not even require personal settings, experience and knowledge from you.

    ASK are signals that you just need to take and they will work out stably regardless of the situation on the chart at the moment


    ✅ The indicator is made specifically for binary options and for a specific expiration period, this gives an advantage, since the algorithm is maximally focused on forecasting a specific period of time, which by itself improves the quality of the forecast.

    ✅ In addition, the indicator determines the momentum of a candlestick (numbers near the arrow) and, in parallel with the signal itself, we can determine whether the price on the next candlestick will go in the opposite direction purely by impulse (the larger it is, the better), this is the best filter for this type of expiration

    ✅ The indicator is focused on the quality of signals, and not on their number, so that during strong trends and chaotic movements that we do not need, it does not give a lot of false signals (which is inherent in other arrow indicators)


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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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