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EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT EA Franklin 1,02,003

Highly effective the EA Franklin

  1. Ryan Miller
    Author's site:
    Price from the author USD:
    Price AlieBay USD:

    Terminal: МТ4 Timeframe: H1

    Account requirements:
    1. Deposit from$ 10 to a cent account
    2. Leverage 1: 500 and higher

    Using aggregate strategic analysis, it determines the direction of the trend over a set period of time. Trades are opened strictly in the direction of the calculated trend. Built-in ability to add an additional filter for transactions. Flexible settings adjust the take profit, averaging levels and volumes. Based on the results of trading, the presence of grid tracking of orders makes the trading algorithm much more efficient. In case of prolonged drawdowns, the EA provides a protection algorithm that virtually eliminates the possibility of large drawdowns. An innovative method of working with a grid of orders allows you to make a profit even on minor market movements.

    Recommendations for aggressive trading:
    The aggressiveness of trading is adjusted by the number of pairs traded and the order density. This method of averaging is by no means a classic. The difference lies precisely in opening orders based on trends and numerous trading results, which allowed you to display your own unique settings with different risk levels for each trading pair. Sets with settings for aggressive trading will be attached. Since this is an aggressive trade, the recommendation will be to withdraw half of the funds after doubling the Deposit, as well as to periodically switch the adviser to the drawdown closing mode. The default setting increases the risks, but by changing the settings, you assume additional risks. In this case, you can reduce the risk by lowering the lot.

    Recommendations for conservative trading:
    If you need more relaxed settings (conservative), there are sets for this purpose. Risk reduction is achieved by reducing the lot of the first and, as a result, subsequent grid orders, as well as working not with all the recommended pairs, but only with a few of the best ones offered. This explains the possibility of both aggressive and conservative trading. The suggested sets are only examples that nevertheless showed good results. You can also find more suitable settings yourself by optimizing this expert Advisor for each individual pair and timeframe.

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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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